I Wanna Marry Harry RECAP 5/20/14: Season 1 Premiere “The Royal Masquerade Begins”

I Wanna Marry Harry RECAP 5/20/14: Season 1 Premiere "The Royal Masquerade Begins"

I WANNA MARRY HARRY premieres on FOX tonight with it’s premiere episode called, “The Royal Masquerade Begins.” On this evening’s episode, in the reality series in which a regular British bloke pretends to be a prince to court 12 American women begins with all attending a masquerade ball at a 400-year-old English country house.

On tonight’s episode reality meets romance, with a little twist, when 12 American women are flown to England to meet their potential “Prince Charming.” What they don’t know is that they’ll be meeting Matthew Hicks, an average English “bloke” who bears a remarkable resemblance to Prince Harry. See what happens when these beautiful ladies see their “prince” for the first time at a “royal” masquerade ball and find out if they fall for the charade in the all-new “Royal Masquerade Begins”

Each week Matthew handpicks one lucky gal to take on an extravagant adventure, while another’s dream of “happily ever after” is dashed, when she is asked to leave the estate. As Matthew narrows down his choice to one woman, he will finally have to admit the truth about his royal masquerade. What will happen when Matt admits to the deception? Crown or no crown, Matt plans to see which girls are in it for real and which are only in it for riches.

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of I WANNA MARRY HARRY which begins at 9PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the contestants!

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There are 12 women that have come to London looking for love and are told they will meet a Prince Charming. The narrator says this can be a real Cinderella story but the prince is hiding a secret. Under all the trappings, the guy is just an ordinary guy who happens to look a lot like Prince Harry. They show they have a 98% facial match.

The guy says he has to convince him that he’s Prince Harry but his goal is to find a woman that will love him for him no matter what. They’ve got 8 weeks to compete for his love and each thinks they have a shot at becoming a princess. When he gets down to his true love he has to reveal his big secret. Will she love him for who he is or only for the fame, wealth and status?

Will this be a dream come true or a nightmare? The guy looks somewhat like Harry but they’ve gingered him up and made him up to more so resemble the Prince. It’s every girl’s dream to meet a rich handsome man, but even better if he’s royal. The 12 American chicks are brought to a castle in England. The girls are all excited as they pull up to the castle and one says they’ve been brought to Downton Abbey.

The girls have no idea who the guy is but think he’s British. They are told he’s arriving today. They wonder if he’s a royal, famous or maybe a diplomat. The guy – Matt Hicks – is a 23 year old single, poor guy who can’t even afford a car. He has to borrow a bike to get to work. He cleans up oil spills for a living and is a hard-working guy. He genuinely wants to find a woman to love him.

Matt says he has wondered before what it would be like to be the Prince. To sell the story, they’ve given him a castle, staff, expensive toys and a crash course on Harry’s facts of life – from birth, to family, to lineage and official royal title. He also has etiquette lessons on aristocratic behavior. He must learn to fence, shoot skeet and be a world class polo player. He has no clue about any of this.

The butler quizzes him on his vital statistics and he’s finally getting them. They ask him about his official royal title and six name long real name. They also give him a makeover to look just like the prince. He says he’s ready to genuinely fall in love with one of the women. The women settle into the castle and talk about who they will be meeting.

They wonder if it’s a British guy that only likes Americans. Maggie is 24 and she wonders if he’s a bigshot to have this castle. More girls come in. Leah is also 24 and says she’s been dating loser musicians lately with broken down cars. She quit her job as a cocktail waitress recently. Karina is 25 and is a hopeless romantic. She just got her doctorate in physical therapy. One of the girls called her an “oldie.” Meghan is 25 and says she’s the whole package and the other girls are not competition for her.

Matt preps for his grand entrance. He says he gets mistaken for Prince Harry on a daily basis and then has to deal with women who are disappointed because he’s not. He worries that he won’t be able to pull it off. He wonders what he’s gotten himself into. The girls come out to an outside table for tea.

Kimberly is from Long Island and says they don’t have tea parties where she comes from. The girls are all pretty declasse. Kelley is 24 and from the South. She says she’s all about love. Chelsea is 21 and says she’s a little wild and her dream guy has to be rich. There are people moving around in the background and the security guys are freaking them out when they show up.

A chopper flies over and the girls all look up. Maggie says it’s getting closer and is landing. They all scream when they realize this and wonder if it’s him. The girls all turn to look as Matt disembark. One says that it’s Prince Harry. Chelsea says she doesn’t know who Prince Harry is or what he looks like. Jacqueline says it can’t be Prince Harry but several of the other girls are convinced.

They see him get into a car with a security escort and drive toward the castle. They wonder if he lieves in this palace. Matt slips into the master suite unseen by the girls. Matt says he’s excited but very nervous. They ask if he could see the girls and the butler says he suspects they are all in wonderment. They keep Matt tucked away while they gather the girls.

They are all giggly and ridiculous. Kingsley calls for their attention and says there will be a masquerade ball that night. He says they will all get to know “sir” then. He says one girl will be selected to have their own special suite adjacent to “sir’s.” One asks if it’s an overnight visit and he says he can’t say. He also tells them that one of them will be leaving tonight.

Kingsley tells the women that sir has arranged some presents for them. He thanks them and sends them off. They run into a room where there are dresses for them to choose from. Kelley says it’s going to be a big night with the ball and the night in the Crown Suite. The ladies look at dresses and masks. One of the girls is utterly lost.

Meghan says she expects to be spoiled because she’s smart and hot and expects the finer things in life. Kimberly is form New York and says she’s never had a guy do something for her because they only think about themselves. She says she wants a guy that makes her feel special and doesn’t care if he’s Prince Harry.

Kingsley tells Matt he needs to get ready. Matt asys there is a lot of pressure not to let any details slip that will give the game away. The women are worried about the elimination process. Anna Lisa talks about how she’s Miss Los Angeles. She says she’s going to be a princess and they are going to be her bridesmaids. One girl says she doesn’t care if he’s Prince Harry or Harry Potter – she says men don’t intimidate her.

One girl looks at all the fakery that’s going on with fake eyelashes, bronzer and all kinds of stuff. Rose is 22 and is a pre-school teacher and says she’s naughty. She says she dresses cute at school but you have to see what she’s got under her clothes.

Kinglsey dresses Matt who says he’s there looking for a relationship. He says if the girl he chooses says yes to that, it will have been completely worth it. There are entertainments ready at the ball and it’s all on Matt now to pull it off. Kingsley brings him out. He has a mask on and says he hopes the girls like him and worries what if they don’t.

It’s the moment of truth. The ladies file out and Kingsley tells them to present themselves to sir. Matt welcomes them and compliments them. He asks their names. Maggie is first and he gives her a little kiss. She says he’s hot. Carley says he’s hot and wonders what Prince Harry is looking for – she says she hopes he wants a smart girl since she’s pre-med. The next two come out all giggly. Anna Lisa is next and then Kelley. He compliments her mask.

Next is Meghan and she doesn’t think it’s him but she would like it to be. Kimberley says it was intimidating to meet him like that. Next is Leah and says the guys she’s used to just get her drunk. Karina is there. Rose is next. Chelsea and Andrea go next. Andrea says she hasn’t had a lot of luck with guys and romance. She says there is not a lot of romance in East Texas.

Matt says he doesn’t remember a single name. He comes to sit with them and they ask his name. He says he won’t reveal it. He doesn’t want to lie outright and so is using deflection. He tells them to call him anything they like. One says boyfriend, another master and another Prince Charming. They pepper him with questions about where he’s from, what sport he likes, if the castle he is and where his family is. He wonders what the hell he’s got himself into.

Anna Lisa dances with Matt. He says they all want to know about him and who they are trying to impress. One asks if he’s been to Vegas and that he looks like Prince Harry. He asks her if that’s who he looks like. He’s trying to be focused on being a gentleman and cheeky and charming. The girls talk abot whether or not he’s Prince Harry and he hears it and thinks he can work this to his advantage.

They all tell him that American girls like the British accent. Rose catches his eye and they walk away for a little one on one. She skids and almost falls and he catches her. She thinks this is a fairy tale beginning. He asks her how her dating life has been and she says she usually doesn’t do well. He says American girls are kind of loud and she says she works with the deaf and hard of hearing.

Matt says American girls don’t have inside voices and are very forward. Rose says she would be all over him if they were alone. He tells Rose that English girls are more conservative and not so forward. Kingsley walks Rose back up and she tells him that he’s a good one.

Next he talks to Leah and they dance. She thinks he’s charming and well mannered and can dance. He steps on her toe and she’s getting nervous because she can’t dance and thinks she’s making a fool of herself. He twirls her and she loses her balance. She says she can’t dance and is messing it up. She tells him he can dance with someone else.

Maggie is drinking heavily and Anna Lisa says she has a problem. Maggie says she should pace herself. Meghan says she’s not princess materials because of her drinking. Maggie is on drink five and lets out a whoop. Matt tells Kingsley that Americans are loud. Kimberley chats with him and says he’s a normal guy that she could connect with. Matt thinks Kim is a little ray of sunshine.

Next he talks to Meghan and says he likes a Southern accent. Matt says she caught his eye instantly. She asks what he does and he demurs and says another time. He says they can talk more if she sticks around. She says she wants to. At midnight, it will be time for them all to unmask. The clock chimes twelve. The girls stand across a red carpet from him.

Kelley worries about unmasking because she thinks the other girls look like supermodels and she doesn’t. The ladies unmask and Matt can check them all out. He thinks they are all beautiful and way out of his league and it makes him nervous. Kingsley asks him to unmask and he does. He’s really nervous about this. He unties and takes off his mask.

When Matt pulls off his mask, the girls smile and many gasp. One says – it is him. Kelley thinks it’s him. Kingsley pulls Matt away and says he has an important decision to make. He asks Matt if he thinks any of them think he’s Harry. Kingsley asks who should go home and who to the Crown Suite. He says Meghan stood out the most – he says she was confident. He also liked Rose. He says Leah was stunning and had a glint in her eye.

Kingsley goes to get the girls so Matt can break the news to them. The butler tells them that one will go home and one will go to the Crown Suite. He sends Leah in first to one room and Rose to another room. Rose worries and says Leah is tall and gorgeous with a dry sense of humor. Matt comes to see Rose and Leah seperately.

Matt tells Leah that he didn’t get to know her as well as he would have liked and laughs about their dance. Matt says Rose caught his eye but then she was quite loud and slightly brazen. He tells Leah he’s not sure about their chemistry. He says he thinks Leah needs to leave the estate and tells her he’s sorry. He says it was nice to get to know him and she says okay and leaves.

Matt says Leah didn’t look like she was having fun and says he’s not looking for a girl that doesn’t get excited about stuff. Leah says there is not a strategy for chemistry and she didn’t know what else she could do. Matt tells Rose that he would like her to move into the Crown Suite. She is thrilled and calls him her new boyfriend. She hugs and kisses him on the cheek.

She goes up to the Crown Suite and says she feels like she’s died and gone to fairy tale heaven. The other girls talk and say they really liked Leah and that she was genuine. The door opens nad Rose comes in and says she has the key to the Crown Suite. The other girls smile and applaud fakely. Meghan says she’s so fake. She gets really snippy in her confessional.

Andrea wonders what Rose did that the other girls didn’t do to get that Suite key. Rose says she can tell the other girls want to kill them. She wishes them good night and promises to do some recon for them. One yells out for Rose to keep her panties on. She runs out smiling.