I Wanna Marry Harry Recap 6/17/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “A Pageant for the ‘Prince’”

I Wanna Marry Harry Recap 6/17/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “A Pageant for the ‘Prince’”

I WANNA MARRY HARRY returns on FOX tonight with its new episode called, “A Pageant for the ‘Prince’.” On this evening’s episode, Sir and one of the ladies go cruising in a muscle car and stop for lunch at an American-style diner.

On last week’s episode the speculation about “Sir’s” identity intensified as one lady found a very telling photograph in “Sir’s” room. Later, the luxurious dates continued with a yacht ride down the River Thames, horseback riding and badminton in the estate gardens. Drama amongst the ladies reached an all-time high and one lady questioned her desire to remain at the estate. Anna Lisa ended up being asked to leave the estate. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it , we recapped it all here for you.

On tonight’s episode Sir and one of the ladies go cruising in a muscle car and stop for lunch at an American-style diner. Later, a beauty pageant is held and all the ladies compete to be named Miss Deerfield Manor. And to top things off, Sir arranges a carnival, complete with games of chance, thrill rides and picnic foods.

Each week “Sir” handpicks one lucky gal to take on an extravagant adventure, while another’s dream of “happily ever after” is dashed, when she is asked to leave the estate. As “Sir” narrows down his choice to one woman, he will finally have to admit the truth about his royal masquerade. What will happen when Harry admits to the deception? Crown or no crown, Harry plans to see which girls are in it for real and which are only in it for riches.

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of I WANNA MARRY HARRY which begins at 9PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the contestants!


It’s down to seven girls that are convinced they’re dating Harry. Matt is starting to have feelings and doesn’t like lying to someone he cares about. Kingsley wakes Matt and says he has a special date for him downstairs. Matt says he thinks the seven left are convinced he’s Harry. The ladies are lined up by the butler and they are told they get to raise the American flag over the manor and it goes up in the distance. He says there will be a pageant and one will win the title Ms Deerfield (the name of the property).

The girls discuss what their talents should be. They go off to prep while Kelley reads a guidebook on England and waits for her “prince.” Kelley says that she will do anything she has to be with him. Kingsley comes to get her. Matt knows Kelley believes the ruse fully. She’s brought into his room and she sits by him. He says he thinks she knows who he is and he tells her to forget about it and get to know the real him. She says all she cares about is him as a person.

He asks if she knows what they’re doing and Kelley thinks this is confirmation he’s given to her alone. They head outside and Matt worries about lying to her since she’s so trusting. She opens them and there’s a classic car there. They drive out of the mansion together and they head to an American style diner for lunch.

Matt thinks she’s the most down to earth girl in the competition and he thinks she might actually fit in his real life. Kelley thinks the date is perfect and says she doesn’t need the lavish stuff. The staff at the diner are in on the gag and they come over and ask for a photo with him. Matt poses for photos with the staff while Kelley snaps photos on their phones for them.

Maggie is working on a cheer for her talent. She says she has to take a chance and put it all out there. Jackie is working with a hula hoop and Karina is planning to dance. Kelley tells Matt that she had leukemia as a child and is a 16 year cancer survivor and that’s why she is the way she is. She asks if anyone in his family has had cancer and he says no and that he’s been lucky.

Matt thinks she really doesn’t care about all the trappings and he tells her that she inspires him. He feels terrible about lying to her about who he is. Kelley tells Matt that the date was great. She thinks this is a dream and was the best date of her entire life. She feels like a princess. The other girls wonder if Kelley got a kiss. Kelley comes back and the other girls ask her what happened.

She tells them. Rose thinks that the date sounds like a dud. Meghan thinks that Kelley is in the friend zone with Matt. Kim thinks she got shafted too. Maggie asks if they kissed and she says no. Meghan doesn’t think they have a romantic attraction and that he wants a woman, not a little girl like Kelley.

The girls get called to the dining room and they come in and sit. Maggie wants a drink for liquid courage. Kingsley comes in and says he’s heard that one of them is aware of Sir’s true identity. He tells them that Sir is, in fact, Prince Harry. They are stunned. Kingsley says that Sir wants them to respect his family privacy and continue being the lovely ladies that they are. He leaves and the women are in shock. Maggie is freaking. Kim says they all still need to be themselves.

Matt walks up to the house and knows he’s cemented to the lie now and has to really play the part. One of the girls says she can’t believe she was going commando around Prince Harry. Matt’s feeling the pressure and says everything he does from now on has to be perfect. The others girls ask which one of them knew for sure and Kelley admits it was her, but won’t give any details. Maggie asks if he told her on his own or she asked. She nods. Maggie thinks Kelley is a psycho, stage five clinger who’s obsessed with him.

It’s pageant time. Kingsley introduces the women and they come to the stage dressed for their talent. The butler says they all look wonderful. Kingsley calls up Maggie to perform the perfect cheer. She does the stupidest cheer – OMG. Meghan comes up and does a comedy routine. She does a knock knock joke that falls flat. Kim plays a foot piano in high heels.

Rose comes up dressed like a sexy teacher. She calls him up and gives a CPR lesson on him and says it’s how you steal a prince’s heart. Jackie does a crazy hula hoop number that was pretty impressive. Karina does a dance to some salsa music. He can’t take his eyes off of her. Then Kelley is up last to do a square dance. She does a little four square number. Matt is ready for the swimsuit competition.

It’s bikini time. Matt thinks that Prince Harry wouldn’t be sitting in a red throne judging bikinis but if the girls want to think so, that’s okay with him. Jackie says she’s having fun getting to know him. Karina says she’s loving and loyal. Meghan says she’s classy and smart. Kelley says she has the ability to love her man and the people of his land. Maggie says she has feelings for him and puts herself out there. I think the feeling she’s having may be drunkenness.

Kingsley calls Matt aside to make his decision. Matt says he’s chosen Jackie. She comes forward and he gives her a little crown and sash. Meghan thinks she’s like a stripper and isn’t a classy girl. Jackie knows how mad her win made Meghan and that she’s mad because she’s talented and pretty. The girls invite Matt into their bedrooms.

They are drinking all in their PJs. Kelley is annoyed that Meghan is throwing her boobs in his face. He suggests playing hide and seek. Matt giggles and hides behind a bed. Maggie comes searching and finds Rose and then Meghan. Then they go looking for Prince Charming. Meghan thinks Kelley is too far up his ass. They find him tucked behind a bed. Matt hugs Rose after she finds him.

He gives all the girls hugs before bedtime. Matt thinks this is fun but it’s also stressful because he’s having to lie. Meghan grabs his butt on the way out and Kelley calls her on it. Kelley gives her a glare but doesn’t think her eye sex matters because Meghan is a skank. They tease Kelley.

Kingsley leads the girls outside where they’ve constructed an American style carnival. They all have a beer near the hotdog stand. Maggie thanks him for doing this for them. Meghan hits the strength game and flops. Matt has to admit there’s a connection. They have corndogs and are ready to have an eating contest. They all battle and Kim wins. She hopes that got Matt’s attention.

Kelley asks Matt for a ride but he says later and hops on the Ferris Wheel with Maggie. Maggie yells to Kelley that it’s her turn. Matt and Maggie chat as they ride and he’s says he’s been waiting for something more to develop. Then he goes on the carousel with several of the women. He thinks the lies are getting harder because he really wants a girl that will like him for him.

They all sit down to dinner at the estate and it’s cheeseburgers. Meghan thinks that Kelley is eating like a pig because she’s got BBQ sauce on her and thinks she’s a country bumpkin and is eating like a wildebeest. Meghan asks out loud if she was born in a barn and Matt says she can eat how she wants and that shuts Meghan up. Kingsley pulls Matt away to make the elimination decision.

Kim says she never knows who he will pick and Kelley says she’s ready to move to England tomorrow. The girls talk about what they think will happen. Kingsley asks Matt who is most interested in him being a royal and he says Karina. He admits it’s unpleasant to be lying to the girls. He brings up Jackie and Matt says she’s growing on him and says her heart is in the right place. He asks about Maggie and Matt says she’s brilliant and fun. He asks about Meghan and Matt says she’s overconfident and isn’t sure there’s a romantic connection. He asks who will leave and who will get the Crown Suite.

Kingsley comes in and calls for Maggie and Meghan. He asks them to follow him and they do. Maggie hugs the girls and cries, sure she’s going home. Maggie says at least she put herself out there and if he doesn’t like her, there’s nothing she can do about it. Karina says she doesn’t know who is going home. Kelley says he hasn’t gone on a date with Meghan. Karina says that Meghan is a seductress and Kelley says that she’s a bitch. Kim says he will figure out that Meghan is not nice when he’s not around.

Maggie is sent to the gazebo and Meghan to the library. Matt waits for her and greets Meghan and compliments her outfit. He also greets Maggie who is clearly upset. She has tears in her eyes. Matt says he’s loved the time he’s spent with her and says she’s Ms Fun Time like her sash said. Matt tells Meghan that she caught his eye on the first night.

Maggie tells Matt that declaring herself today was hard for her. He tells Meghan that she may be overconfident. Matt says he has to go on what his heart says and asks Maggie to leave the estate. He breaks down crying and he wonders if it was Matt or Prince Harry that she was falling for. He tries to comfort her. She’s really sweet to him though and hugs him good bye while she cries.

Maggie says she’s glad she got to know him and says they’ll be friends. She leaves crying and he feels really bad and is crying himself over what he had to do and how that went down. He asks Meghan to move into the Crown Suite. She says he had him sweating and hops into his lap and hugs him. She hops back off and he says he can get used to her pouncing on him.

Meghan is excited that she will finally get a date with him and he says he’ll see her later. She heads out. The other girls wait and Kelley says if Meghan gets the Crown Suite she’s going to jump off the building. Jackie says now she’ll get her dream date. Meghan notices the girls aren’t happy for her and are icy to her. Meghan leaves.

Kelley says that Meghan is a beast and is pissed that she got the Crown Suite. Kelley has to give her the key and isn’t happy because Meghan is a fake bitch. Meghan hugs her but thinks she looks like she’s having an aneurysm while crapping her pants. Kelley says she has to do something because she can’t stand her getting time with him and says she’s going to do something about it.