I Wanna Marry Prince Harry: New Reality Show Tricks Women Into Thinking They’ve Got A Shot At Marrying Harry!

I Wanna Marry Prince Harry: New Reality Show Tricks Women Into Thinking They've Got A Shot At Marrying Harry!

In what’s got to be one of the most ridiculous reality show premises of all time, I Wanna Marry Prince Harry tricks twelve young women into believing that they’ve actually got a shot at marrying the royal Prince Harry (yes, that prince). The catch? (Perhaps you saw this one coming). The contestants aren’t actually vying for Prince Harry’s heart; rather, they’ll be competing for the heart of some average joe who merely resembles the royal ginger.

Once the show finishes and the winner crowned, the woman will be told that this isn’t the prince at all but an imposter — one with no fame, fortune, or royalty in his blood. Ouch. Burn. Will the lady take the true love? Or will she reject her feelings after being made a fool of by none other that Ryan Seacrest Productions, the entity behind the gold-nugget-of-a-reality-show. The premise is similar to Joe Millionaire, where the woman, in the end, ultimately found out that “Joe” wasn’t really a millionaire after all. Sorry about that.

As our lovely friends over at Hollywood Hiccups says, “The Brit playing the part of the hunky Prince, Matthew Hicks, does share a striking resemblance to Prince Harry, though Cressida Bonas (the REAL Prince Harry’s lady love) likely would disagree.” It’s not yet been disclosed whether or not these women will receive any prize money should she choose not to accept a life fake royalty. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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