Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Breakup and Split – ‘Vampire Diaries’ Stars Fight Over Nina’s Cheating Affairs?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Breakup and Split - 'Vampire Diaries' Stars Fight Over Nina's Cheating Affairs?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have had the whole tortured romance thing going for a few years now. Against all odds, they ended up making their relationship work while starring together on The Vampire Diaries, but alas, it was just not meant to be. The two ended up breaking up [and breaking hearts] last year, and although rumors of a reconciliation reached fever pitch earlier this month, it doesn’t look like Nina’s very interested in getting back together with Ian.

Now, all the evidence still points to a relationship between the former couple, but we know that whatever they have isn’t exclusive. They may be going on dates and they may even be hooking up, but they’re not in the same relationship that first drew attention to their romance a few years ago.

One only needs to look at their chemistry on The Vampire Diaries to see that the attraction is still there. However, while Ian still seems interested in getting back together with Nina, Nina’s reportedly too busy playing the field to settle down with one man. The 25-year-old actress has been hooking up with everyone from Derek Hough to Liam Hemsworth, and is now dating Dominic Howard of Muse. And when we say ‘dating’, we mean they’re hanging out and hooking up.

Keep in mind, Nina’s also supposedly ‘dating’ Ian as well as her The Final Girls co-star Alexander Ludwig. And just months ago, she was also linked to her other Vamp co-star, Michael Trevino. Meanwhile, Ian’s patiently been waiting, not dating anyone else for fear of scaring off Nina for good.

Unfortunately, it looks like Ian’s patience has reached the end of its limit. He may have wanted to settle down with Nina, but sources say that he’s gotten sick of Nina’s games and has decided to move on, once and for all. The sources add that he’s already gotten himself a new girlfriend — although he’s being careful not to go public with the romance before it becomes serious. After all, it’ll work better as a double whammy that way — make Nina jealous, and let everyone know that he truly has moved on. In contrast, he’ll be hoping that everyone views Nina’s rebounds as juvenile hook-ups and traps to make him jealous.

What do you think about the Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder relationship?

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15 responses to “Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Breakup and Split – ‘Vampire Diaries’ Stars Fight Over Nina’s Cheating Affairs?”

  1. melisa says:

    Stop writing nina dobrev as slut.She never dated or hooked up with those guys you write her with.She never hooked up with Michael.They are working together.Ian is close to every actress on TV show,it doesnt mean he hooks up with them,or nina.Nina never hooked up with Alexsandr.He has a girlfriend.Nina never dated or hooked up with Dominic.Dominic was walking near her as other celebrities,they took a picture,it doesnt show they were hooked up.Stop.Really.What do you want from Nina Dobrev?She is 25 years old talented actress,lives her life as normal person.She is linked to every co star whith whom she is working by you.and she is linked to every male friend around her by you.What you want.Attention from her fans,or money.She is not slut.Another magazines,sources dont write her .She is not linked to guys in Hoolywood by other Magazines.You write her as slut.She is linked to everyguy in Hoolywood by you.And stop writing about Ian.Ian has not girlfriend.He himself said,he is single…………Dont delete my Comment.You always delete comments who doesnt like your articles.

  2. melisa says:

    Stop writing about Nina.She is not hooking up,or dating to somebody else.Nina is not slut.What you want!!!!money!!!!attention!!!!!Dont use nina’s name for getting attention.Enough!!!!

  3. Vessy says:

    [expletive] you you idiots!!! At least do some research before shitting my screen again! :(:(:(

  4. Diana says:

    Ha I wish! He’ll just work himself to death for the time being because how can Ian ever have another girlfriend while the Vampire Diaries nightmare continues with the obsessive and abusive Nian fans? Have a quick search of any “Nian” tag and you’ll have your answer. #ScaryShlt #NotFunnyAnymore #CreepySickos. They’d hunt any new girlfriend down and make sure her life was a living hell, because they’re good fans that know what’s best for him, and it’s only Nina who shows sooo much interest in him, lol. Maybe a couple of good prospects have already slipped away, because it’s just not normal.

  5. jb333 says:

    Another shining example of an awful CDL article. This site makes their money off of dragging actresses through the mud and basically printing lies. And yet other sites continue to include their content and advertisers continue to pay for clicks.

  6. Betty Wright says:

    I’ve heard I agree with the last comment that was made Nina Dobrev is not with every guy that she’s with she’s allowed to have friends in NSAID ride out that he is single and if he stupid he gets 3 hours of sleep in his interview and he doesn’t have time for anything cept for his charity and his foundation I don’t think people should talk about Nina in such a bad way she’s just having fun like every other girl if she was not on the TV show then she dissed me like the rest of us that’s dealing with everyday life

  7. Teresa says:

    U missed out her latest squeezes Julian Tobias, James Rositer and Tommy Chiabra. But she mustnt be gettin much action at the minute lookin at the size of that ass!! Ian hasnt had any interest in her for over a year and has already had other gfs since then ;)

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  9. prettyhurts99 says:

    Why is it that every time i put in ian somerhalder it always him and nina dobrev so boring now who cares

  10. Martina Slechtova says:

    Jesus Christ, they have not been together for at least one year and a half!

  11. Lisa says:

    It’s pretty simple…she’s 25 and he’s 35, not to say love doesn’t concur all but there is a decade between them. She is just starting her life and has to figure things out for self, remember most of us who are over 25 know what we were doing at that age…having fun. I would have loved to have the fairy tail from TVD continue into the real world, they are beautiful together, but it doesn’t always happen. Good luck to you Ian and Nina “i hope you get all you want out of life.” ;)

  12. melisa says:

    stop making story about nina.You dont know her privacy.James has a girlfriend for 2 years.Tommy has a girlfriend Jessica from Gossip girl tv show.Read news about Jessica and Tommy and search their photos.and Nina is never dated or slept to one of guys you wrote. Dont delete my Comment please!!!

  13. melisa says:

    its interesting why you think nina can be with all these guys that you wrote.its stupid opinion.she has male friends.but she is not dating or hooking up with them.stop with your fantasy about nina.Have you any proof that nina was with those guys.James has a girl for 2 years.Tommy is dating to Jessica.actress from Gossip Girl.She is Nina’s friend.and she was with them in the same boat.Get a fact about nina’s life then write about her!!!Dont delete my comments please!!!!

  14. Denz says:

    I honestly want Ian and Nina together. They are seriously the cutest couple ever. I can’t believe Nina just won’t settle down and see how things go for them. I mean, Ian is willing to wait for her! Ugh, I want them together so freaking bad!