Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Hook-Up After Molly Swenson Breaks Up (PHOTOS)

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Hook-Up After Molly Swenson Breaks Up (PHOTOS)

Oh, here we go again. That on/off merry-go-round of a relationship appears to be back on once again. Of course I’m talking about Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev who were exclusive for a few years before calling it quits last spring. Since then they have defined themselves as broken up but that hasn’t stopped the DL hookups and spending quality time behind closed doors. Ian showed up on The Talk earlier today and declared himself to be very single. He had recently been dating former American Idol contestant Molly Swenson and confirmed that they are no longer an item.

According to our sources Nina had a hand in Ian’s split with Molly. Even though they try to date other people they ultimately seem to gravitate right back together. It’s interesting how Ian loves to really hide his relationships. He has rarely been seen out in public with any women and when he and Nina first got together it took them at least a year to confirm their romance.

So obviously the sex is great, but what else is it that keeps pulling Ian and Nina back together? Do you think that they really do belong together but try to fight the inevitable and end up testing the waters with other people almost out of spite? It’s almost like Nina is spotted out with various guys in an attempt to make Ian jealous and if that is her game well then, it’s working right? Tell us your thoughts on Ian and Nina’s relationship in the comments below!

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  • Catherine

    i hate shit like this! they broke up move on! It’s fine to ship characters like delena (which I do) but you shouldn’t ship real people in all honesty it’s creepy.

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  • Raven

    Molly and ian were never together. Molly has had a boyfriend for years and is perfectly happy with him. Ian went to that party with his RYOT friends not just her. Ian had hook ups all the time. He’s a hot single guys. And nina and ian has not hooked up for a really long time so this bull shit reports needs to stop. The report about Molly and ian really upset Molly and it’s rude. You people writing these are fucking pathetic. Ian isn’t hiding a romance, he is single and fine with it. Nina is out having fun with guys an she being a normal 25 year old out havig fun. Stop feeding fans lies that they’ll believe and get shit straight

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    That is true lol

  • Jade

    Seriously dudes its there life not for u to mess with I hate that I like privacy celebs never get peace