Jersey Belle Recap 8/11/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Wedding Belles”

Jersey Belle Recap 8/11/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Wedding Belles”

Jersey Belle airs on Bravo tonight with it’s new episode. On tonight’s episode called, “Wedding Belles”, Jaime makes Luci laugh through her tears after Jeff breaks up with her.

On the last episode, Entertainment publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan married the man of her dreams, Michael, and gave up her beloved native New Jersey to move to Mountain Brook, Alabama, home to one of the richest zip codes in America. Brash and outspoken, Jaime struggles to fit into “the tiny kingdom,” but has bonded with a group of women she loves. Tonight, Jaime continues to struggle with Southern culture. Arden was thrown when her future mother-in-law does not attend her pre-wedding tea party. Single working mom Luci though she found love again with Jeff. Danielle’s fertility issues result in her being the ultimate dog mommy. And Arden was thrown for a bigger loop when Jaime announces she’s going to miss Arden’s wedding because of work commitments in LA. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jaime makes Luci laugh through her tears after Jeff breaks up with her. Arden worries that an unexpected rainstorm is going to ruin her wedding. Jaime’s work takes her to Los Angeles as her client Wayne Brady hosts an important event. Jaime confides she wants to have a fourth child. While Arden’s wedding day arrives, Jaime tries to race back in time to attend the reception.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new show.

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Jaime is struggling this week. Between getting her client’s début in order and being there for her very good friend, Arden’s, wedding – she’s stretched pretty thin. To miss either of these events will cost her something in the end and then again trying to do both of them at the same time might very well kill her. So she has to make a choice. Who is more important to her – her client or her friend?

And while she’s fighting with that question – she can’t help make fun of all the things that’s going into Arden’s wedding in the meantime. Why put that much time into a wedding of all things? According to Jaime, the only thing that needs that amount of devotion is the actual marriage. Her friend Luci grew up wanting to be a wife and a mother. And yet she wasn’t happy in her marriage. So for the longest time she went about life pretending she was happy.

Then when she did get the courage to divorce her husband, most of her friends dropped her for daring to do such a thing. It was her good friends like Jaime that stuck around though. They supported her through her divorce and now that she’s struggling to be both a mother and work outside the home – she continues to need their support. It isn’t easy being a working single mother in their neck of the woods. Economically speaking – it’s suffocating!

So when she had met someone new – she thought he was dream. He was great with her kids and she liked the idea of possibly getting re-married one day. Though Jaime didn’t see the relationship going anywhere and as it turns out she was right. Luci’s boyfriend moved down Birmingham to be with her and he was barely there for before he changed his mind.

It seems the boyfriend didn’t know how to be with a woman tired after taking care of three young children and a long day of work.

But Jaime didn’t have the time to be there for her friend. She soon had to be flying out to LA and once she was there she was still too busy. Jaime doesn’t get to see her clients all that often what with living in Alabama full-time so she takes moments likes these to check in with all of them in a short 48 hours.

[11:06:43 PM] Kristine Francis: That means she’s running herself ragged to squish numerous meetings into two days so the only people she has the energy for is her clients and her kids. Although she really shouldn’t leave Luci to fend for herself. With the wedding coming up – Luci is super depressed to suddenly find herself single. She honestly thought the next wedding was going to be hers. And rather than tell her to snap out it like Jaime would have done – her friends that are still in Alabama are sympathizing with her. They cheered her up by saying she could always meet someone at the wedding.

That’s all anyone is talking about – the wedding of the year. Arden has created her dream wedding with near military precision but just as she started to think she had everything planned – Mother Nature tried to intervene. It looks like it might rain on the wedding day.

The wedding is supposed to take place outside so rain would have been detrimental to the entire event. In order to counteract the rain – Arden and her fiancée used an old southern tradition of burying Bourbon to prevent rain. They’re that superstitious and yet Arden didn’t get a wedding tent when she had the chance.

By time the rain showed up – it practically drowned out all of the settings Arden took such care in planning!

Whenever it rain likes that it tends shuts down the airport. So even though Jaime tried to make it back to the wedding in time – she was blocked in by regulations. Looks like Arden’s future mother-in-law won’t be only no-show at the wedding!


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