Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis Getting Back Together After Amber Heard Cheating Rumors With Channing Tatum? (PHOTOS)

Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis Getting Back Together After Amber Heard Cheating Rumors With Channing Tatum? (PHOTOS)
Vanessa Paradis and her famous ex-hubby Johnny Depp are getting back together and reconciling, Vanessa just arrived in LA to try and pick up the pieces of Johnny’s shattered heart and ego. The month of November has not been too kind to Johnny Depp. First news broke that his girlfriend Amber Heard, who is half his age was on the prowl for a hotter, younger model. Sources revealed that Amber and Channing Tatum were getting a little too close on the set of Magic Mike XXL and shamelessly flirting with Tatum in front of everyone.

So, what is one to do when reports hit the internet that your girlfriend is cheating on you with Channing Tatum? Well, if you are Johnny Depp then you go on a wild drinking binge and publicly embarrass yourself on television. Depp took the stage at the Hollywood Film Awards, emulating his character Pirates of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow, and slurring and stumbling like a drunken pirate. The crew at the awards ceremony was forced to play a media package during his speech because it was riddled with strings of profanity that didn’t even make sense.

Vanessa Paradis might just be the most understanding ex-wife ever, despite the fact that Depp dumped her for Amber Heard, she has always stood by her man. Paradis has watched and waited from afar for the inevitable day that we all knew was coming, the day when Amber grew bored with her fiancé old enough to be her father and kicked him to the curb. And, just like we all predicted, Vanessa is swooping in to comfort Johnny and hold his hand through his and Amber’s messy break-up.

Vanessa Paradis was photographed flying in to LAX airport in Los Angeles on November 17th. Vanessa, the mother of Johnny’s daughter Lily-Rose, who is currently working on a Kevin Smith movie, has clearly never gotten over Johnny. And, considering he is a drunk and heart-broken mess – now is the perfect time for her to get her man back.

Do you think that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are officially over, or is there a chance they might work this out? Does Johnny belong with Amber Heard or Vanessa Paradis? After everything Johnny has done, is Vanessa crazy for flying to LA to support him? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Vanessa Paradis arriving at LAX November 17 FameFlynet

17 responses to “Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis Getting Back Together After Amber Heard Cheating Rumors With Channing Tatum? (PHOTOS)”

  1. @@ says:

    LOL! You really put your news out of your a-s-s, don’t you?
    First: Vanessa was flying out of Los Angeles, not arriving…
    Second: Benjamin Biolay was with her until a week ago in LA too
    Third: She goes to France to reunite with Benjamin Biolay and they even will make an appeareance on a TV program together
    Fourth: Johnny & Amber were seen together looking cozy just the day before of Johnny’s episode at the award show and she was with him at his recent concert the past week too. Doesn’t seem to be problems between them
    Fifth: at least use google before to write this kind of nonsensical stories..

    • jody says:

      the pics in the post are courtesy of FameFlynet and the blurb accompanying them is: “Model Vanessa Paradis arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on November 17, 2014. Vanessa’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp is set to star in Kevin Smith’s next film, ‘Yoga Hosers.'”

  2. 3nickim says:

    1. Amber didn’t cheat on johnny.
    2. try to believe the lies if it makes you happy.
    3. Johnny has a new engagement ring, very significant for signal …

  3. 3nickim says:

    And to close, has two weeks to the Amber film finished, turn the page andinform yourself better..

  4. Mari Victorius says:

    How does it feel to make shit up then publish it as if there were any truth to it? You are truly pathetic, Amanda. Oh well, as long as it pays the bills, right?

  5. 3nickim says:

    not yet published my post by fear of the truth?

  6. TheodoreHuxtible says:

    As long as Johnny stays away from Winona I don’t care what he does. Winona is too good for him. He never got over her and now it’s too late to patch things between them since Winona has moved on to better things.

    I predict that Johnny and Amber won’t get married, that he’ll find another whom he experiences “love at first sight” with AGAIN for the millionith time and will get engaged to this person as well. He has a pattern people!

  7. mrs depp says:

    I don’t think Johnny and vanessa are getting back together, they are still friends, as vanessa now has a new beau. but I do think Johnny will see sense,
    and finish with amber, as he’s too good for her, she so immature, she like a
    Silly little girl playing emotional times and and when she’s had her fun she
    ruin’s men’s lives. Johnny you can always visit me. I’ll look after you and
    mend your broken heart.

  8. mrs depp says:

    Don’t forget johnny is not bisexual.

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  10. Pepe99 says:

    Jezz. She flies to LA all the time to visit her kids. She even has a house there!

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