Johnny Depp’s Daughter Lily-Rose Doesn’t Have a ‘Close Bond’ With Amber Heard (PHOTOS)

Johnny Depp's Daughter Lily-Rose Doesn't Have a 'Close Bond' With Amber Heard (PHOTOS)

Johnny Depp has gone from being one of the most respected and liked actors in Hollywood to becoming the laughingstock of the tabloid industry. His box office clout has all but disappeared, and you could attribute most of the disdain surrounding him to his engagement to Amber Heard.

Forget the age difference between them, or even the fact that he was rumored to have cheated on longtime partner Vanessa Paradis with Amber. Nobody ever expected Johnny Depp to be that guy – you know, the sleazy 50-something man with a fiance who’s 23 years younger than him. And trust me, nobody dislikes his new relationship more than his children, Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp.

But for some reason, a lot of outlets are obsessed with making it seem like Lily-Rose and Amber are BFFs. For example, Lily-Rose and a friend were out in West Hollywood yesterday, and Fame’s blurb was: “Johnny’s fiance Amber Heard has built a strong ‘stepmom’ bond with Lily and Johnny’s son Jack.”

As IF Lily-Rose and Jack would be comfortable becoming close to Amber when she could literally be their sister. As IF they are going get close to the woman who split up their family. Plus, I don’t understand how all these people assume that Vanessa’s children would ever choose Amber over their own mother. If you mother was cheated on and ditched for a younger woman, would you build a ‘strong stepmom bond‘ with the woman that your father cheated with?

Sure, for appearances sake, they have to spend time with Amber. In the end, they’re not going to want to upset their father either, but there’s no way Lily-Rose and Jack are as close to Amber as some of these outlets pretend. Of course, Amber could also be influencing the media to showcase her in the savior stepmother light, even though we know that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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  • Avmir

    Sorry, but what it’s so upsetting to you about these pictures? Has been far too obvious that Amber and the Depp’s children have a good relationship since they went together in the Lone Ranger international tour, and on and on, seen with Lily Rose or personal pictures that the same Lily share, or the children arriving with Johnny and Amber to their engagement party etc, etc. What’s new now?
    Why aren’t you upset by the article in the french closer today better? Where they talk about the serious issues of Benjamin Biolay (with every kind of drugs, drinking, domestic violence and hard partying, that Biolay himself talked about in a recent interview) all of these make Johnny looks like a toddler…That’s upsetting…

  • Sarah

    I’m sure it might have been fun for Lily Rose in the beginning. Amber is closer in age and she doesn’t have any real authority. Kind of like having an older sister. And they had that for awhile it seems. Lily Rose follows some of Amber’s friends and they talked about “twerking” together. That’s not something you do with a parent but a sister/friend. A parent would try and tell you it’s disgusting and that you don’t have to be trashy to be sexy. Lily’s family was torn apart. It’s pretty easy to blame the mother. The mother daughter thing is often pretty complicated. And moms are usually stricter than dads. So sure she may have turned away from her mother for a bit in favor of her new sister and her “disneyland dad”

    In the end though reality will hit. The new girlfriend stops trying so hard to be friends. Starts showing her true colors. Where is Jack in all this? I imagine he’d be a little mamas boy that may be having a harder time accepting his new stepmom?

    • jady

      naaah! i ve seen pictures of him as close as Lily-Rose to Amber. Also don’t forget that Amber was most of the time taking care of him when they were on tour. Just because Jack- as any 12 years old boy- don’t enjoy going shopping and get some lunch after/before with his teenager sister and his young stepmom doesn’t mean he’s part of any “loyalty” plot. That only mean that he’s as any normal kid who prefer to be watching the game or videogames, etc with his friends

  • Mine

    They also had TALENT

  • k

    WTF?! That makes no sense. Crazy homophobe.

  • Julia

    We all know now that this information is incorrect.