Justin Bieber Abusing Drugs: Sizzurp, Pills and Weed: Requires Rehab ASAP Say Friends

Justin Bieber Abusing Drugs: Sizzurp, Pills and Weed: Requires Rehab ASAP Say Friends

Oh how the mighty have fallen!  Justin Bieber use to be that boy that every mother wanted their daughter with.  He was cute, he was squeaky clean, he was safe, he was a great role model.  But that cute little boy, grew up and he has become a surly adult who is out of control.  Allegedly Justin is abusing drugs big time.  By drugs we mean Sizzurp, Pills, Alcohol and weed.  Oh My!

Justin’s team is worried about the out of control star and wants him in rehab stat.  TMZ is reporting that, “Bieber has been using sizzurp regularly.  It’s typically codeine and promethazine mixed with Sprite and a Jolly Rancher.”  Sizzurp can create dangerous side effects, including death, if taken at high dosage.  The most recent celebrity linked to sizzurp was Lil Wayne who almost died after a seizure reportedly brought on by over use of sizzurp.

This news comes on the heels of a raid on Justin’s house where police arrested Lil Za on a felony drug possession.  At the time it was believed that Lil Za had cocaine on him but further investigation revealed the white powder he had was Molly.  The police also found Xanax.  At the time of Lil Za’s arrest many people suspected that the drugs were Justin’s and  Lil Za simply took the fall for him.

It sounds like Justin has gone down a very dark path and someone needs to get him to rehab fast.  The problem is Justin surrounds himself with people pleasers. Will any of them have the courage to tell him the truth?  Probably not!

The drug use explains all his weird behaviour.  It’s time for his mother and father to step up and be parents before it’s too late and Justin becomes the next Cory Monteith.