Justin Bieber Instagram Taunt of Orlando Bloom Crying – Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez Stay Out Of Fight

Justin Bieber Instagram Taunt of Orlando Bloom Crying - Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez Stay Out Of Fight

In the ongoing battle between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, insults are being lobbed from all sides. However, Justin’s proving himself to be an even bigger idiot than anyone ever predicted. Since antagonizing Orlando and getting [almost] punched wasn’t enough for him, he’s now taken to using social media to prove that he’s the bigger douche. After the fight, he uploaded a picture of Miranda Kerr, Orlando’s ex-wife and his one-time fling. Then, earlier yesterday, he uploaded yet another picture – this time, showing Orlando crying.

I bet you that’s exactly what Justin is doing – sitting huddled in a corner, thinking that his antics have somehow reduced a grown man to tears. Instead, he should probably think about what’s going to happen when he’s not surrounded by a million bodyguards. The only reason Orlando didn’t beat him to a pulp yesterday was because he had a battalion with him, and that of course gives that idiot the confidence to mess with celebrities like Orlando Bloom. Plus, he thinks that he’s ‘winning’ this situation by posting pictures online, not realizing that it just makes him look incredibly petty and pathetic.

Seriously, who on earth would upload a picture of another person crying on their Instagram? Especially when, last we heard, Orlando was the one who almost kicked Justin’s ass, not the other way around. Maybe Justin thinks that his jab about hooking up with Miranda might have affected Orlando, but even if it had, I doubt anyone’s losing any tears over Justin freaking Bieber. Plus, it’s not like Orlando sits at his computer and obsessively refreshes Justin’s Instagram page every other minute. No, that display of desperation is reserved only for Justin.

Meanwhile Selena Gomez claims she only had a cigarette break with Orlando, not a hook-up.

Justin Bieber Taunts Orlando Bloom Crying On Instagram - But Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez Stay Out Of Fight

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  • bkakdok

    Hollywood Life deleted my comment on some nformation about Miranda and Justin sex thing. Its clear then that her team having control over there. Even more clear that its true then. So stupid.