Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Fight Over Kristina, Justin’s New Girlfriend

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Fight Over Kristina, Justin's New Girlfriend

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were rumored to have had an explosive fight via text message the other day, according to Radar Online. But what were they fighting about? Well, in a new exclusive, Radar reports that Selena found out about Justin’s mystery hook-up named ‘Kristina’, and she blew up at her on-again/off-again boyfriend.

Apparently, one of the texts that Selena sent Justin during their fight was, “I know all about Kristina btw. F*** you.” According to Radar’s source, ‘Kristina’ is the mystery woman that Justin has been casually seeing for some time, something which he clearly didn’t inform Selena before getting back together with her.

Apparently, it all started with a party at Justin’s Calabasas home, where Selena was also in attendance. After Selena and her friends left, Justin and Lil Za reportedly invited over this ‘Kristina’ and her friends. The source explains, “Lil Za hooked up Kristina’s friend Lynn while Justin got it on with Kristina. The party raged on. It was not until afterwards that Selena found out about Kristina.”

Well, I can see how that would piss Selena off, but honestly, it’s her own fault for getting back together with Justin in the first place. In what universe did she think that she could trust him again, especially after everything he’s done over the past year? I mean, his behavior has been widely publicized, and she was stupid if she thought that getting back together with her would change him. Maybe a year ago, but he’s too far gone for anything to change him now. Justin’s only chances lie in forcible rehabilitation, and I don’t see how that will happen anytime soon.

What do you guys think? Should Selena have trusted Justin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

 Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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