Kandi’s Wedding Recap 7/6/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Meet The Tuckers”

Kandi’s Wedding Recap 7/6/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Meet The Tuckers”

Tonight on Bravo get ready for Kandi Burguss’ RHOA spinoff called, Kandi’s Wedding. The show airs with a new episode called “Meet The Tuckers.”  On tonight’s episode It’s the night before Kandi’s dream wedding, and with Todd refusing to sign the pre-nup, the nuptials are at risk of not taking place at all. Kandi tries to save face by attending the rehearsal dinner alone, while Todd and his friends retire to his hotel to debate whether or not the wedding is the best idea.

On the last episode Kandi’s bachelorette party was a fun girls night with outrageous entertainment hand delivered by Phaedra. Over at Bar One, Todd’s bachelor party got a little out of control with Todd nearly breaking the “party rules” Kandi had laid out for him. During the wedding rehearsal, things took a turn for the worse when Todd told Kandi about his reservations with signing the prenup leading to a heated argument, and a division between Kandi and Todd that no one saw coming less than 24 hours before the wedding.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode it’s the night before Kandi’s dream wedding, and with Todd refusing to sign the pre-nup, the nuptials are at risk of not taking place at all. Kandi tries to save face by attending the rehearsal dinner alone, while Todd and his friends retire to his hotel to debate whether or not the wedding is the best idea. Finally deciding that marrying Kandi is more important than anything, Todd sneaks back to their house in the middle of the night to tell Kandi he has agreed to sign. But the wedding day isn’t without drama: Momma Joyce once again stirs the pot by purposely ignoring Todd’s teenage daughter, igniting a huge argument between Kandi and her mother just hours before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. As Kandi prepares to walk down the aisle in her Coming to America dream wedding, she worries that her mom might fly off the handle and object to the wedding while Kandi’s dad officiates.

Tonight is going to be a fun episode of Kandi’s Wedding for sure and you’re not going to want to miss a minute. Tune in at 8pm EST on Bravo and we’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts on the new Spinoff?

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With a war over the pre-nup raging between the happy couple, the marriage for second there looked like it was going to be cancelled. But this is Kandi we’re talking about which is why in blatant disregard of the many warning signs – tonight’s episode is all about “The Wedding”.

Kandi chose to ignore her fiancée’s tantrum and go ahead with the rehearsal dinner. However the groom to be and “his boys” never showed. So Kandi had to call him just to get his location. And he, rather than calmly speak to her to about the issues he seems to be the only one to see in the pre-nup, was still angry about at her for accusing him to go after her money. He told her she was like her mother with all that talk and refused to listen to his future wife when she says they’ve already discussed the pre-nup months ago. Because as long as his lawyer sees problems then is doesn’t matter what she says – he’s going to feel cheated if he signs the pre-nup.

From the very beginning they were in agreement to what he could get from this marriage and hypothetical divorce – nothing. Now Todd is saying that he feels under attack and that’s translated in him never showing for his own rehearsal dinner. Although he forgets to notify his family, namely his mother, about the going-ons so she has to hear from Carmon that her son is fighting the pre-nup. And oddly enough his mom’s reaction to this news proved some of the things Mama Joyce had ever said about them to be right – they’re opportunist!

Todd’s mother is suggesting a post-nup and if not that then she’s telling her son to refuse signing anything he doesn’t understand i.e. agree with.

Eventually after some time pass, Todd does go back to Kandi albeit with a few minor stipulations. He had her change the 30 day policy in which he would be forced out of the house within 30 days if they broke up and he had her change her will in the event of her death. Yet it was his friends that made him willing to compromise. He was with them when he recognized that at the end of the day he couldn’t live without her (and when most of his friends told him to simply sign the contract because that was an guaranteed way to stop the rumors about him being a gold digger). Though why it took him this long to figure that out (after shooting hours of footage proving he signed a certain document under duress) remains to be seen.

As the pre-nup issue finally get underway to being signed; Mama Joyce like usual continues to speak her mind about everything. She doesn’t like Todd’s teenage daughter being considered part of the family and she hates waiting for confirmation that Todd signed. So she’s taking out her frustration on everyone and if they get her started then she’ll never stop.

Kandi is barely hanging on as it is. She didn’t see a completed dress until the final hours before the ceremony and Rico dropped the ball with Fantasia’s dress. Luckily her people stepped in and handled the situation, but there’s no one to come to rescue when she’s forced to deal with the repercussions of her mother’s mouth. Earlier Mama Joyce kept making comparisons between Kandi’s daughter and Todd’ daughter Kaela. Kaela is 17 and the poor child, seeing as she still is very much a child, was forced to hear Mama Joyce say she doesn’t count.

So Kandi, who by this point is turning a blind eye to a lot of things, was wondering what set the young girl off. That’s why she began to grill her mother over what the older woman said and/or did in the past few hours. Her mother on the other hand is claiming she never said anything directly to the teenager and for the most part ignored her. Though she feels like maybe Todd’s mother might have said something about her to the girl and of course even just the thought of that has Mama Joyce grinding her teeth.

She started to throw around accusation of her own and refused to let it drop leading to a fight with her daughter!

2 hours to the wedding and the mother/daughter duo were fighting. Thankfully, the fight came to an end once Riley started to cry. Kandi’s daughter was sick of the fighting and kids can’t take so much friction in the air. Hence the tears. She burst into tears and it was like a signal for her grandmother – now isn’t the time to argue.

The wedding was running late (probably because of all the drama that was happening backstage) and it didn’t actually start to a good hour and a half than it was supposed to. But the wedding in itself was beautiful. Sure there was a time or two when Mama Joyce had what we call a “stank” look yet she didn’t object when it came time to ask the audience. And so the ceremony went through from start to finish.

Kandi and Todd are officially married by the end of it!

And pretty much everyone can celebrate that fact except for Mama Joyce. She doesn’t smile during the official photos and she completely ignores Kandi’s new ring even though she is the same woman that complained when Kandi got her original (and according to her low budget) ring.

Mama Joyce is a sore loser. She couldn’t convince her daughter to stop the wedding so she’s choosing to pretend she’s at a funeral rather than her sole surviving child’s wedding. Kandi should be her whole world though no one would be able to tell by her actions. It’s unfortunate that it took peer pressure to get Mama Joyce to speak at Kandi’s wedding and the only consolation for that was when she did get up – she managed to retrain herself. All she said was good luck and then she told Todd to keep making her daughter as happy as she is tonight.

That is Mama Joyce on her best behavior however it’s sad that no one expecting to see it. They had actually turned away when she got up to speak in case she said something so bad it would ruin the wedding.

The rest of the reception was mercifully a breeze compared with those with those tense moments with Mama Joyce. The cake was cut and the bouquet was thrown (Portia missed it like she miss a lot of things). So it was the dream wedding the couple had envisioned.

Later after everything was said and done, both of the mothers managed to come to a sort of friendship. They were seen hanging out together at the bar while their kids were being interviewed for Watch What Happens Live!