Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Attack 18 Year Old Man Who Screamed “N****r Lover” At Chiropractor’s Office

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Attack 18 Year Old Who Screamed "N****r Lover" At Doctor’s Office
It looks like Kim Kardashian’s baby-daddy Kanye West has let his temper get the best of him… again. According to TMZ Kardashian and West attacked an 18 year old man in a chiropractor’s office in Beverly Hills today, after he allegedly swore at Kardashian and made racial slurs.

Kardashian was headed into the Beverly Hills medical office, when she was bombarded by paparazzi. The 18 year old then proceeded to help Kardashian safely maneuver into the office, by holding the door for her and shielding her from the paparazzi. However, while holding the door for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star the 18 year old commented, “F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs!,” referring to the paparazzi. According to TMZ Kim told the man it was “not appropriate to use the N-word.” The man then went on to say “F**k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut.”

Kim Kardashian was not impressed with the racist man, so she ran and got baby-daddy Kanye West and told on him. Kim waited for West to arrive at the Beverly Hills office and then the two proceeded to rush in and attack the 18 year old while he sat in the waiting room waiting for his appointment. In true Bonne and Clyde fashion, West assaulted the man, punching him, while his baby-mama Kim watched proudly and screamed at him. Kim reportedly thought the assault was completely justified because they have him on tape referring to her as a “n—-r lover.”

According to TMZ the Beverly Hills Police were called to the scene, and the 18 year old man will be pressing charges against Kanye West.

  • RoRo

    “In true Bonnie and Clyde fashion” lololol I’m dying!

  • busybeeblogger

    What the young man said was COMPLETELY inappropriate, but if this is true, I hope Kanye goes to jail.

    • @busybeeblogger

      True. But sometimes you have to ignore the idiots that tries to get under your skin. If someone calls me a n*gger I will ignore them unless they put their hands on me. Then that becomes a different story. Also shouldn’t Kimmy be faced with charges for inciting a riot even though it was just her and Kayne?

      • OhNo

        That is a stupid word and I hate it. It never should have been a word. :|

  • Question

    Should Kimmy be arrested to for inciting a riot if she was screaming at him?

  • Question

    Should Kimmy be arrested to for inciting a riot if she was screaming at him?

  • Sam

    bad language does not justify assault. the kid is gonna get a payday out of this.

  • Janie Gibson

    What grown woman can’t take care of herself & has to call her “boyfriend”to come beat up an 18yr old kid? It’s deplorable!

    • dls

      I totally agree, what a famewhore kartrashian is

  • Angel 2009

    This incident is going to throw a major wrench into Kanye’s current lawsuit with a pap he assaulted. Now Kanye beats up a kid and Kimmode eggs him on . . . yeah, real classy and respectable behavior. Kid was wrong but they are supposedly grown adults acting like lowlife thugs – Kanye deserves a lengthy jail sentence.

    • dls

      I know! Just walk away, she didn’t have to say anything in response to the idiot kid,

  • Pamela

    Should have walked away, two wrong don’t make a right.

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  • hm

    Kim Should be charged with starting a fight she pointed him out she knew what Kanye was going to do. She never attempted to stop him. The receptionist had to push him off this kid. The receptionist is the one who called the cops. Kim even bragged to her friends that she is proud of Kanye for doing what he did.