Kate Middleton and Prince George Amazing and Adorable New Pictures – Play Group Pics of Official Engagement In New Zealand (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton and Prince George Amazing and Adorable New Pictures - Play Group Pics of Official Engagement In New Zealand (PHOTOS)

Prince George has his first job! The little tot hasn’t even turned 1 year old yet, but he’s already more important than most people in the world. Accompanying Kate Middleton and Prince William on a three-week long tour to New Zealand and Australia, George’s first official engagement [EVER] will be attending a play group at the Government House in New Zealand, where the Wellington governor resides.

George will reportedly be playing with several babies his own age, all from ten different families that were important enough or lucky enough to be selected to participate. One mom [whose baby will be attending the group] even spoke to the Daily Mail about the reactions she’s getting, explaining, “I’ve had a few jealous looks from other parents when they found out we were meeting the Duke and Duchess.”

This mom, Kate Bainbridge [whose first name is shared with Kate Middleton] also added, “Even though we come from a very different background we have got a lot in common with the Duke and Duchess because we’ve been through the sleepless nights and we can talk to them about our experiences.”

No doubt, George will be the center of attraction at this play group, but only to the parents. Babies don’t understand royalty or celebrity, and it will no doubt be good for George to be hanging out with people who treat him normally – apart from his family, of course.

Let’s also hope for more pictures to be released from this playgroup, because the adorableness of several babies playing together simply cannot be matched – especially with boring photos of Kate and Prince William attending various functions.

New pics of Royals in Hamilton and Yachting in Wellington

Prince George in Wellington!!

  • DuchessLazy

    That baby is very cute. If not for the tour though, you’d still be wondering what George looks like. Because William is a prissy butt and uses his mother as an excuse to be a dip. It took them almost half a year to release that side-shot of George just prior to the tour {as advertising for the tour, sadly enough} George is very, very cute. He’s finally starting to resemble William…{lets hope he ages better than William}.

    So…how could his parents have ditched that adorable baby for a whole week ?!

    • Dilla

      You are clearly not a parent if not you would know how we parent have to go through to care for them..we need our own time with our spouses too..and regardless of his status the parents has the right to keep him all to themselves..any parents would for the first year of their childs life..being a parent is never easy but its easy for you to just criticize ppl..check in your own backyard..America has a lot of cases of parents killing abuse rape molest their kids or even abandon them to die..you call them a bad parent because they wanted time to spend with each other alone..wow that shows you have no clue about parenting..more and more your comment sounded like a bitter ex who got guy dumped for someone better have some dignity and get your prolems checked..

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  • Victoria McGuire

    Watched the news release of them playing on the floor and the interactions with the parents, just being parents.

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