SEE Kate Middleton Bare Bum Naked Butt Bild Magazine Picture – Exposed Bottom Privacy Violated (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton is embroiled in yet another controversy surrounding her privacy, this time regarding a shot of her naked bum. German magazine Bild has listed the photo, reportedly taken during Kate’s recent tour in Australia and New Zealand. The photo was snapped while Kate’s Diane von Furstenberg dress blew up and and exposed her to photographers. Click Here to see the photo.

Obviously, no British magazine nor publication could publish the photos, on strict order from the royal family. We all remember what happened the last time Kate’s naked pictures went viral, don’t we? However, there is nothing preventing foreign publications from buying and publishing the photo, especially since it was taken legally this time – and technically, with permission. Kate was in full view of photographers when the gust of wind came and blew her dress up, and although that particular incident couldn’t be foreseen, many people are already asking why Kate didn’t weight down her dress or plan for such a contingency.

Of course, it’s too late for that now. We can already foresee the bitter battle that Prince William will once again embark on to get these pictures banned, although he’ll probably be a lot less successful this time around. Last time, there was actually a debate over the legality of the pictures taken of Kate’s naked form, but this time around, no laws nor rules were broken in obtaining this photo.

Sources close to Kate are already commenting on the photo, claiming that Kate is humiliated and Will is furious. But again, there’s really not much they can do except argue that in the name of Kate’s privacy, Bild should take down the photo. But really, all Will would be doing is trying to appeal to the magazine’s better nature, and we already know that foreign tabloids have precious little patience for that. You can argue about privacy till kingdom come, but in this instance, the photographer did not do anything graphically invasive – i.e. go under her skirt with a camera, pull her skirt down, etc. – and he can’t really be taken to court for it, unless the royals manage to find some loopholes concerning the photo.

SEE Kate Middleton Bare Bum Naked Butt Bild Magazine Picture - Exposed Bottom Privacy Violated (PHOTO)

Photo Credit: FameFlynet