GLOBE: Kate Middleton Miscarriage Drama Loses Baby: Tells Prince William “We’ll Try Again” (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Kate Middleton Miscarriage Drama Loses Baby: Tells Prince William "We'll Try Again" (PHOTO)
Kate Middleton has been the subject of pregnancy rumors for months now. Ever since she and Prince William took a solo trip for a week back in March that has been speculation that the couple was trying to get pregnant with a second child. About two weeks ago one of Kate’s oldest friends, Jessica Hay let it drop to the Australian press that the duchess is indeed expecting baby number two. This was kind of monumental because Jessica was the first person to mention that Kate was pregnant when she was carrying George so she is considered to be Kate’s very unofficial spokesperson.

Unfortunately not long after Jessica talked to the press Kate found herself in an emergency situation. According to the Aug. 4th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Kate suffered a miscarriage in spite of being extra careful. She and William have reportedly been sticking together and supporting each other through this upsetting ordeal all while putting on a brave public face while celebrating George’s first birthday. The couple has let it be known that they are hoping for three kids in about five years time and Kate has decided not to let this ordeal prevent her from trying again to expand their family.

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This week’s GLOBE promises some important reading and I know that I’ll learn all the details about Kate Middleton’s sad miscarriage soon. What a shame and tragedy for The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William – but they are a brave couple in love and will rebound. The royal couple have made it clear in recent interviews that they really want Prince George to have a sibling and Queen Elizabeth to have another heir to throne born while she is still with us. Hopefully we will be hearing good news about a second Kate Middleton pregnancy soon. GLOBE prefers to report good news but this doesn’t make them shy away from the truth, however sad or controversial it may be. I’ll need to hurry and get my copy of this week’s edition to get the inside story straight from the Palace.

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