Kate Middleton Surprise Pregnancy – Prince William Learns Wife Pregnant Just Before Mustique Vacation

Kate Middleton Surprise Pregnancy - Prince William Learns Wife Pregnant Just Before Mustique Vacation

Looks like Kate Middleton is really pregnant. Kate and Prince William were at odds over baby number two, with him leaning on her to get pregnant sooner than they had originally planned. Supposedly Kate wasn’t too interested in a second child just yet and the idea of another arduous pregnancy wasn’t very appealing.  William felt that the time was just perfect for a second child but Kate was really enjoying looking great again. Having lost the baby weight, gotten out of the PPD fog and relishing her confidence in taking care of Prince George, ballooning up again wasn’t exactly first on Kate’s to-do list. But nature has a way of getting in the way of our plans – even if you are the Duchess of Cambridge.

It seems that both Kate and William got the shock of their lives right before she left for her family’s annual trip to Mustique. According to the Feb. 24th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Kate was stunned to learn that she is already pregnant. In other words the usually happy couple was divided over a non-issue because the duchess is already carrying baby number two. Now that she’s pregnant Kate has gotten her head around the idea and is enthusiastic and feeling great as the pics of her recent outing show. It’s still a little to early to have an ultrasound to be 100% sure, but GLOBE’s sources report that Kate is convinced baby number 2 is female. She’s also fortunate enough to not have another horrid bout of morning sickness this time around so it’s already a totally different experience.  The delighted couple already went ahead and recieved Queen Elizabeth’s approval to name the child after William and Prince Harry’s beloved mother, Princess Diana.

Kate had said they wanted three kids within five years, at least that was her thinking before actually having to carry and deliver Prince George. Do you think that plan is still appealing to her or will two back-to-back kids be plenty? If Kate has a girl do you think they will name her after the late Princess Diana? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

The Duchess of Cambridge, officially opens the ICAP Art Room at Northolt High School, Ealing in London, England on February 14, 2014. Kate was seen smiling and greeting the students inside the classroom.

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