Kate Middleton Pregnant: Solo Official Malta Trip, Italian Wedding Mean Baby Bump and Morning Sickness Rumors False

Kate Middleton Pregnant: Solo Official Malta Trip, Italian Wedding Mean Baby Bump and Morning Sickness Rumors False

The constant updates regarding Kate Middleton‘s pregnant news status are often contradictory, thanks to the Palace’s refusal to confirm or deny the news. Just tell us, already! Seriously, how difficult is it to craft a press release confirming or denying a pregnancy? It’s not like they’re busy doing anything else, considering the majority of their work consists of handling the PR disasters from Kate’s wardrobe malfunctions.

Until recently, we’d been pretty confident that Kate was pregnant – and then the royals went and announced that Kate would attend a wedding in Italy in September. Trust me, there is no way that the royals would let Kate go to another country if she was pregnant. For one thing, her morning sickness was so bad last time that it actually landed her in the hospital – do you think they would risk that happening again while she was in another country? There would be no way for them to hide the pregnancy or handle the media craziness, in addition to flying Kate back home amid the public frenzy.

But it gets worse for those advocates of Kate’s second child baby bump pregnancy! Kate Middelton’s itinerary has been release for the Princess’s first offical solo trip in a royal capacity. Yes, Kate is going to Malta on September 20 to represent Queen Elizabeth for two days. The Palace doesn’t send The Duchess of Cambridge flying around the world on missions when she is pregnant!

So yes, the bloat, the weight gain, the lack of public appearances, the planned move to Anmer Hall – it might not have signified a pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that Kate won’t be pregnant soon. If Kate and Prince William are planning to move to Anmer Hall with Prince George, that means that they probably are still trying for another kid – only, it’s just not something they’re rushing to do. Instead, their move to Anmer was probably motivated more by their desire for privacy and Prince William’s new job. And then, when they do have another kid, they’ll just have the added bonus of raising him/her in relative seclusion.

Either way, it’d be nice to know one way or another – and we’re hoping the press office for Kensington figures out the best way to stop the speculation is to actually announce something. But when you put all the evidence together including the Italian wedding, the lack of baby bump and morning sickness, no palace announcement, the solo Malta trip, and the move to Anmer Hall (further from top hospitals in case of problems like in the first pregnancy with Prince George) it really looks like Kate is not pregnant yet.

Image Credit: FameFlynet