Kate Middleton and Prince William Banish Lupo: Pet Dog Not Welcome at Kensington Palace

Kate Middleton and Prince William Banish Lupo: Pet Dog Not Welcome at Kensington Palace

Long before they had a little son crawling around the palace, Kate Middleton and Prince William were completely obsessed with their dog, Lupo. Kate was always spotted walking the cocker spaniel and he truly seemed to be treated like their first baby. Even in their first official photo taken with Prince George, Lupo is there, being held by William as Kate cradles their newborn. In recent months though, the dog is no longer with the couple.

According to the Feb. 3rd print edition of Life & Style magazine, Lupo has not been seen even once at Kensignton Palace. He was also left out of the royal family’s holiday festivities because Queen Elizabeth feared that he would clash with her prize corgi’s. So where is Lupo? Well, Kate’s brother has been spotted walking the pooch so he is still in the family at least. I have to wonder why he isn’t at the palace. Did the Queen make it clear that he couldn’t come along? Or did Lupo maybe get aggressive with the baby and find himself ultimately banished?

Kate and William hardly seemed to think of him as a temporary pet so something big must have happened for them to let him go from day to day life, don’t you think? Is Lupo now living full time with Kate’s brother and if so, do you think it’s permanent? Did Kate know in advance that she was going to have to leave someone else care for her dog or did something happen that made it impossible for Lupo to stay with her and William? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

5 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince William Banish Lupo: Pet Dog Not Welcome at Kensington Palace”

  1. jackalexandria says:

    That’s a low act. Poor Lupo, they should have thought about this before they got him. People like this should be banned from owning pets.

  2. DuchessLazy says:

    William and Waity Kate are just lame. That’s all. William is royal patron with “Age UK” yet thousands of elderly people in the UK are freezing to death because they can’t afford heat. William obviously isn’t helping much in his capacity is “royal patron”. Despite ridiculous recent stories to the contrary, his family is immensely rich, owning about one sixth of this planet, with all kinds of money sources as income….yet they let old people freeze to death.
    So, what’s a dog to people like Willy and Waity ?, neither of them has ever suffered much in their lives…not for money or warmth or food, never had to worry about a job {especially Waity Kate}. Also, both were at the bottom of a list of royals as far as how much public service they do. They do bloody little. By the way, Waity’s FIRST public service duty of 2014 isn’t happening until February. She didn’t lift a finger all January. But she has everything she could want – neither her nor William care about others, not really. Or they’d be doing more.
    They’re lame. LAME. Lupo is lucky she’s not with them anymore.

  3. marlio says:

    I think its rather sad, they just just , more or less, threw him away. I treat my animals like people and they should have spent more time with him and the baby together, instead of just giving up. He was chewing up the furniture because he NEEDED ATTENTION!!! HELLO!!!