Queen Elizabeth Gives Kate Middleton $10 Million Royal Necklace: Camilla Parker-Bowles Goes Insane (PHOTO)


Kate Middleton recently had a nice sit down meeting with Queen Elizabeth and basically was told that she needed to start dressing a bit more age appropriate. After a few unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions, the last leaving royal watchers with a momentary view of Kate’s panties, The Queen finally felt she had to speak up. Kate agreed to work with Elizabeth’s official dresser in order to come up with a look that still suits her, but with longer hemlines.

According to the March 3rd print edition of GLOBE Magazine The Queen went above and beyond to make it Kate’s while. By so readily agreeing to the terms Kate will be rewarded nicely. She will get to dip into The Queen’s jewels for special occasions. It was kind of a no brainer I think. I’d cover up a bit more if it meant I got to wear a royal tiara or necklace too! Who wouldn’t? I’m sure Kate is thrilled to be trusted with the royal family’s official jewelery.

One person who must absolutely hate this is Camilla Parker-Bowles. Always kind of in the mix but never a respected or beloved member of the royal family. Good old Cami is trying to shove her way onto that throne and she resents the fact that Kate is still everything that she can never be. Camilla no doubt believes that she is entitled to all of the Royal jewels and so to see them graciously loaned to Kate all but kills her. Do you think that as Elizabeth steps away from the throne the resentment between Kate and Cami will reside at all or instead will it escalate? I’ll be sure to check out the March 3rd print edition of GLOBE to get all the insider palace details. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Victoria McGuire

    Cami is an evil conniving whore who resents William, his bride and their prince. She will never ever achieve such class or status. She is hated but the British people.

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  • Lepa

    Oh and You all forgetting who Katie waity is. She is worse then Camilla. Stalked Prince William for 10 years, manipulating with him. You forget her family has slavery Middleton in Mexico, her uncle Gary drug dealer and pimp. Kate has never been pregnant, that baby is surrogate, that’s why they killed the nurse, she knew to much. The media said nurse was sick suicidal person, how can anyone sick work in hospital near Royals??? Wake up people!!!!

    • DuchessDolittle

      Yes. There is always more dirt on the royals than is obvious, but if people did a little research online they’d find out a lot alright –

  • DuchessDolittle

    They ought to. They’re both conniving, unattractive users.

  • Marybell Malatesta

    Doo doo duches