Khloe Kardashian Confesses She’s Pregnant – Lamar Odom Demands Paternity Test Before Divorce

Khloe Kardashian Confesses She's Pregnant - Lamar Odom Demands Paternity Test Before Divorce

It looks like Khloe Kardashian’s divorce from Lamar Odom may have just hit a serious speed bump. They always say that if you want a baby, just stop trying to have one and relax because sometimes nature just takes its’ course then. Khloe’s desire for a child was said to have been a huge problem in her marriage and the pressure to get pregnant was one of the many things that sent Lamar running.

According to the Jan. 27th print edition of Star Magazine, Khloe and Lamar weren’t really getting along for several months but they were still meeting up for sex. Supposedly once the pressure was off the lust that had bonded them remained and they were settling into a friends with benefits situation. The big problem with that was the fact that Khloe also shared a similar arrangement with both Matt Kemp and rapper, The Game.

Lamar knows that his soon-to-be-ex was also screwing Kemp and when she told him about the pregnancy, after the shock wore off Lamar told her that they will need a paternity test. If the baby actually is Lamar’s then it could mean that he would want to call the divorce off. Khloe is said to be praying that Lamar is the father but at this point truly doesn’t know for sure. Do you think that a baby will save Khloe and Lamar? Or would she be better off as a single mother if the pregnancy rumors are true? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Angel 2009

    Still don’t think the pregnancy rumors are true.

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  • Red

    i think it’d b great if she was prego-after so long of trying. Only sad part is it comes alongside mention of Divorce. I think Lamar’s a great guy&most likely b great dad. What ever issues they r having (if Lamar is dad) they r a good couple&could work it out if they committed 2 it.

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  • monica

    sad, but it is most likely true, it usually happens like this, a couple breaks up, the only good thing in the relationship is the sex and when they realize they can get good sex anywhere, a baby comes about, seen way too many times, smh

  • jesmith23

    Actually Lamar has kids from a previous relationship so he wouldn’t be the reason they aren’t getting pregnant. It is actually very common that a couple who has no luck getting pregnant can sometimes give up and decide to adopt and then when they finally adopt a child they find out that they are pregnant as well. Also some people find it impossible to have children together but after they split up they find they can have no issues getting pregnant with other people. For all our medical advances, they still haven’t figured out why one person can get pregnant so easily while another equally heathy person can’t get pregnant at all. Hopefully she isn’t pregnant at all and she can figure her life out and have a stable relationship before she brings a child into the world

  • Justine V-Torres

    The crack is one thing he can go to reha an work on it but the cheating is another. she is better off being a single mother

  • mary

    I don’t think she’s pregnant, and I don’t think a baby can save a marriage.

    • iknwimhott

      You are right on that only they can save them selves

  • Pamela

    That would really stir things up!

  • Pamela

    This would be shocking!

  • Victoria McGuire

    He told her he had a vasectomy and when they decided to get preggers he would have it reversed, which he never did.

  • thebutcher

    EVERY kid in that family should get a paternity test, they are all cheap whores who will fuck anything that’s black

  • thebutcher

    The head whore will try to pimp it out like she does with all the girls

  • thebutcher

    He was NEVER a crack head. That was one of the MANY lies from the head whore. He’s always been way to healthy to be on crack. Common sense

  • thebutcher

    Successful? What has she ever done that would make her successful? The answer is absolutely nothing

    • AmyLeeBby

      Are you retarded? How much money did YOU make last year? The Kardashians work hard for their pay, whether you wanna believe it or not. Kardashian is the definition of Success.

      • michelle

        I think khloe will do just fine wit her new baby am happy fa her so keep yo head up n keep doin yo thang ms lady Kardashian rocks

  • Nicky

    Those Kardashian. Girls eant nothing but sluts or should i say monkey lovesrs lol.

  • rachel

    i hope shes pregnant she wants a baby so bad and would make a great mom

  • Paula

    Is she? Because she sure don’t look like it.

  • Ahn

    Best watch the deseases that make very sick babies. Crack babies and STD make babies born with major birth defects. You all are living a dangerous life to keep having these kids. What a mess. Don’t even know who baby Daddy is.

  • mary downs

    Get test to see if lamar. The father are not. Are. The other guy. Make sure before you do anything.

  • Terri

    All if u on here need to leave poor Chloe and her family and personal business alone. Are u able to read her mind and know her every thought? ( NO U CANT) so atop speculating everything their celebs and have been dealing with these lies a long time and have learned what they want to divulge and how to make other things quiet. So just leave her alone already she has been brought more than enough. Praying for u Chloe u are an inspiration to so many whom have had to deal with the life situations that u have so gracefully overcome!!!

  • Worm Worm

    Dnt nobody knw wht happen between them except them n fyi god decided who have a bby or not

  • Worm Worm

    Oan nobody perfect she is human just like everyone else just rich lol everyone always like to judge it is only one judge God #facts

  • Maryam

    I think it is true, and I hope it is Lamar’s because he will be z great father and khloe would be suck a great mother to the little one

  • jay

    If she is hope it’s not lamar