Khloe Kardashian’s Jewelry Stolen From Right Under Her Nose – Dons Sleuthing Gear To Capture The Thief!

Khloe Kardashian's Jewelry Stolen From Right Under Her Nose - Dons Sleuthing Gear To Capture The Thief!

Contrary to reports of a decline in viewership, it seems that someone is indeed Keeping up with the Kardashians — or at least with their stuff. Apparently, someone made off like a pirating bandit with over a quarter million dollars worth of Kardashian booty (pun intended). The former love nest of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar “crack rock” Odom was ransacked recently as it was gaining a new homeowner, Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. The word on the curb is that Khloe suspects someone in the inner Kardashian circle of khaos was responsible for the thievery. She has plans to do some detective work to find out who the culprit is.

Khloe allegedly wants to do some real CSI style detective work, too. It is being reported that Khloe wants to submit everyone with access to the home to a lie detector test. Seems like a bit much, no? Well, we already know that with this family, anything goes. Still, it seems like this may be too much and too soon. Certainly the groundskeeper did not know where to find such expensive items as the ones that are being reported as stolen. It doesn’t take a Criminal Minds profiler to figure that it has to be someone closer to Khloe than the groundskeeper or the random maintenance man.

Now, before we speculate who could’ve really pulled this heist off, lets state a basic assumption. We assume Khloe had the jewelry put somewhere out of the way in a place that a random employee with access to the home would have trouble finding. Heck, most folks have their Target earrings in some sort of jewelry box put up somewhere. It seems Khloe would do the same thing with her pricey trinkets and such, but she IS a Kardashian and stranger things have happened with that family. Either way, it seems safe to assume that she didn’t keep her jewelry sprawled out on a kitchen counter for all to see.

So working off of that assumption, it has to be someone a little more intimately close to the reality starlet. Like, say a close friend or assistant that may have been assisting Khloe in packing up her things to move out of the house? Someone who had the recognition and clearance to move about freely in the home is more likely to have stolen the things than say the gardener. Sources close to Khloe say that she does not suspect her estranged hubby Lamar because he is in Spain right now playing basketball. Well not so fast Khloe! Lamar seems like the ideal suspect and you should not exclude him from your list of potential thieves just yet.

First off, Lamar is a druggie with a habit to fuel. Yes, we all know he is a millionaire and certainly not hurting for money. But ole boy’s crack fetish is now common public knowledge and he knows the heat’s on him. Maybe he didn’t want a paparazzo to see him pulling cash out of an ATM and follow him to purchase his smoke candy. So what if he is currently in Spain. Those jewels can be stored away for a rainy day when he gets back on US soil. Certainly Lammy still has some items at the Tarzana pad he once shared with Khloe; maybe he instructed one of his handlers where to find the goods.

It also makes sense that Lamar would know where to find the expensive jewels. Coming on the heels of reports that Khloe is refusing his recent advances towards reconciling their marriage, it isn’t hard to surmise that he might be out for some revenge.

Whoever did the dirty deed, they were definitely closer to Khloe than the hired help. Khloe’s time investigating would be better spent focusing on those closest to her first instead of harassing her random workers. CDL is predicting the jewelry is long gone and that Khloe won’t ever see it again; until it turns up in a pawn shop. As always, we want to hear your thoughts regarding this load of celeb dirty laundry. Help us wash it all out. Who do you think stole Khloe’s jewelry?

Image credit to FameFlynet