Can Kim Kardashian Get Kanye West To Come Out Of The Closet? (PHOTOS)

Can Kim Kardashian Get Kanye West To Come Out Of The Closet (PHOTOS)

Most women have a “type.” Kim Kardashian was no different when selecting her next target. Strong, tall, athletic build, a real man’s man. Every man she was with, including the love of her life, Reggie Bush, fit the bill. She always remained true to form when choosing the next sucker. That is until she gave up and settled for Kanye West. If you take a look at pics of Kim and Reggie and compare them to pics of Kanye and Kim, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say she “settled” because she doesn’t hold Kanye the way she held onto Reggie, she doesn’t have that look in her eye like she did with her former football hottie. Instead, she looks like the “Who wore it best?” page out of a magazine while her outfit is compared to her baby-daddy as they dress in identical outfits. Reggie Bush would not be having any part of that. Hey, she may not have ended up with the man of her dreams, but at least she can borrow some really great designer clothes from her fiancé.

Kim, deep down, is miserable. Kanye is not her type at all. She finally gave into his pleas to give him a chance after she knew Bush, 6’0 and 203 pounds, was gone for good. Devastated and in need of a relationship to avoid being alone, she settled for the complete opposite of so many men before, Yeezy, who stands at 5’8 and weighs 160 soaking wet.

Despite his constant assurance to everyone who will listen, that he is a fashion icon, he continually embarrasses Kim with his love of wearing designer women’s clothing. Yes, women’s clothing. And not once, and not by mistake. He admits being very open to wearing women’s clothing. Between his feminine look, brooding face, and aggressive personality, he cannot possibly be any more different than likeable, always-smiling Bush. This drives Kim nuts! She’d give everything up to be back with Bush. She hates her new lifestyle with Kanye forcing his fashion advice on her. She wants a man who is concerned with sports-not fashion. She despises that her man is comfortable wearing women’s clothing, and freely gives her fashion advice.

Though Kim likes Paris and all the attention she and Kanye get when visiting, she hates spending long periods of time there. Too bad that won’t be changing any time soon. Kanye prefers to be near his rumored lover, designer Riccardo Tisci. Since as early as 2011, rumors swirled that the two were lovers and in a relationship. Kayne was said to be heartbroken when Tisci ended their relationship and moved on to a male model.

Well, the chemistry is still there with Kanye even living in Paris for several months while pregnant Kim stayed in California. To add fuel to the rumors, Tisci admitted to having an affair, and some of the best sex ever, with an artist that is known. Latin Times uncovered the details in an interview with Tisci , where he freely answered a question about his best sexual experience by stating, “I have several but the one I think immediately is an experience I had with a man who is known. I never imagined that something could happen between us and it’s still the hottest weekend of my life,” revealed Tisci. He went on to say that he loves what this man “does as an artist.

Still not convinced Yeezus has a penchant for young, hot men? Well consider this… Kanye has previously compared himself to Steve Jobs, and even continues to make this comparison in more recent interviews. So, it seems odd that he’d fuel the fire by continually comparing himself to Jobs after Black Sheep’s Dres, considered hip-hop royalty by some, went on Twitter in June 2013 to call Kanye out. The Twitter rant went something like this.

Kanye… like Steve Jobs… is one of the most powerful gay men in the world…. God Bless Him,” Dres tweeted June 12th.

“oh… he’s not out yet…. my bad…. lmao”

“cmon y’all… i’m playin…. Steve Jobs wasn’t gay….” (Dres’ Twitter)

So, let’s see here… we have a man who has been the subject of persistent gay rumors, who wears women’s designer clothes, who prefers in Paris where his rumored lover lives, and who has been called out by a rapper who would likely have seen or heard some reliable information. Still trying to fight that battle, Kim? We applaud your efforts for calling Kanye a “real man” for beating up a little kid for you, but I am sorry to tell you, that didn’t change our minds, and it likely didn’t change yours either. It is a bitter pill to swallow when you lose the man of your dreams (Bush), but it may hurt even more when your fiancé leaves you for the man of his dreams. Well…look at it this way….at least you have tons of hers-and-hers clothing to pull out of the closet. You never know…maybe one day you’ll be able to pull Kanye out of the closet, too!