Kris Jenner’s Sex Tape About To Be Sold To Vivid Entertainment For $1 Million By Her Pervy Stalker!


The man who claims to have Kris Jenner‘s sex tape is now threatening to hand it over to Vivid Entertainment, the adult film studio who’s become rather famous for distributing films featuring celebs in revealing situations. The man, identifying himself as “Troy,” said that he wants to sell the tape for $1 million — and he doesn’t deny the fact that he’s been bombarding Kris with hundreds of text messages, even though he’s currently being blamed for harassment.

“That is absolutely true, yes I have,” the man told Radar Online, when asked about whether or not he’s been sending messages to Kris. “She knew about this sex tape and did not want it out. It was about the sex tape and she doesn’t want it out, so yes, I have contacted her lots of times.”

The creepy thing about this situation is that some think this man is starting to stalk Chris. A source told Radar that Jenner went out to dinner in Nobu and then got a text message asking her if she was enjoying the restaurant. Weirdness. But the man identifying himself as Troy has made a comeback denying this claim.

“That’s an absolute lie. She told me she was going to Nobu in Malibu and I quote unquote I asked her, ‘How are you doing at Nobu?’ Nobody said ‘How are you doing at the restaurant?’ She told me she was going to Nobu. She’s a liar.”

What do you think of this news regarding Kris Jenner’s sex tape and this mysterious man threatening to expose her secret? Do you think this man really has a tape featuring Kris?

Image credit to FameFlynet

  • drdebo cherry

    Who doesn’t think she/PR machine is behind this?