Kristen Stewart, Nicholas Hoult Dating and In Love After Jennifer Lawrence Split: ALS Challenge Video Confirms Close Relationship

Kristen Stewart, Nicholas Hoult Dating and In Love After Jennifer Lawrence Split: ALS Challenge Video Confirms Close Relationship

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult have been working together on Equals and dating for a few weeks now, and the dating reports have already kicked into high gear. Now that we know that Nick broke-up with Jennifer Lawrence, it’s not impossible to imagine that Kristen and Nick would hit it off – after all, Kristen does have a history of falling for co-stars, and we know that Nick and Jennifer met while filming X-Men: First Class [where they played romantic interests].

Anyway, we did see Kristen and Nick pictured on a sushi date a few weeks ago, and then in the ice bucket challenge for ALS. That video didn’t reveal much, but you can see that Kristen and Nick are clearly comfortable with each other. Again, they are playing love interests in Equals, so they obviously have to sustain good chemistry. Whether that’s built on flirting and attraction, or friendship and professionalism, we’ll just have to wait and see.

We do think Kristen and Nick would make a great couple! Sue us, they’re good looking and somewhat hipster-y, even if Nick is downgrading in the relationship department. Yes Twi-hards, Kristen is an A-list actress who headlined one of the most successful franchises of all times, but Jennifer did the same – AND won an Oscar. And she did it without alienating half of the country. If Nick does date Kristen, then one wonders how she manages to keep landing all these hot Brits who are talented, charming, and funny.

What do you guys think? Should Nick and Kristen be dating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Austin316

    It would be an upgrade. Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar she didn’t deserve. It’s so funny how she does the same things Kristen does, but doesn’t get crucified for them. Kristen gets caught smoking weed & she’s a druggie, Jen does it & she’s so cool. Kristen is genuinely awkward & shy & its the worst thing that ever happened, Jennifer is pretending to be an airhead & its the greatest thing ever.

    • Jules

      Stewart cannot act, period. Stewart is not well liked and has to call in favors to get work. Jennifer Lawrence is critically acclaimed, well liked and now, one of the most powerful actresses in Hollywood at 24 (!). If Hoult ends up slumming with Stewart, it would be a major downgrade.

      • Truth please!

        Have you never read any of the interviews from people who have worked with Kristen? Nothing but praise for her talent, professionalism and beauty! From the first movie she made as a child. Too bad people like you only see the ugly in the world!

    • Hilary

      Yes Austin316 i totally agree with your commentary. Anything Jennifer Lawrence does is seen in a positive light whereas the media always put a negative slant on anything Kristen does. It really is double standards and could not be seen as good, unbiased journalism!

  • Susi

    Yes, if it’s really true that Nicholas is single, and I believe he is, I would love to see Kristen and Nicholas dating, in my opinion, they would make a great sweet couple. We just need to wait and see. If they are meant to be together…I will be very and really happy for them!

  • Pig

    Lol how bitter are you?

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  • maefloyd

    I would like to see Kristen with Nicholas, or someone that would like beyond her passed, and just take her under their wing and show her what true love is all about. I love and adore Kristen and I am a her biggest fan and will support her in all that she does.
    Good luck to you Kristen I hope the best for you, keep you head up and don’t ever look back. best of luck love from your fan.