Kristen Stewart Asks Robert Pattinson For Help: Wants To Adopt New Dog Together?

Kristen Stewart Asks Robert Pattinson For Help: Wants To Adopt New Dog Together?

According to a new and suspect report from Hollywood Life, Kristen Stewart has asked Robert Pattinson‘s help in adopting a new dog. Um, because adopting dogs is apparently a two-person job?

Apparently, Kristen wants to adopt another dog and she’s decided to ask Robert for help in choosing out the perfect dog. A ‘source’ tells Hollywood Life, “Kristen asked Rob what his thoughts were about her adopting another dog for her birthday. Kind of like a gift for her and Bailey, cause Bailey wants a friend. She’s been like, if you see a rescue dog in Toronto and you think the dog would be a good match, adopt him and bring him back to LA.”

Uh-huh. I’m sure Rob has plenty of time to go looking around Toronto when he’s filming a movie on a very tight schedule. Plus, why would Kristen want Rob to find her a dog from Toronto when she could easily find one in Los Angeles with a lot less hassle? This whole story seems like it was cooked up to start reconciliation rumors, despite the fact that neither Rob nor Kristen have given any hints or indications that they’re back together.

We don’t even know if the former couple is staying in touch with each other, and the last time we saw them together was last fall. They may be civil to each other, especially since they share custody of their dog, Bear, but that doesn’t mean that they’re suddenly going to go dog-shopping for each other.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • She should get an Australian Sheppard, those dogs are smart, lovable and friendly, plus they are great at rounding up stray photographers, they are natural herders, LOL