Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Cannes Reunion as Girlfriend and Boyfriend – Cuddling and Kissing in Private Villa?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Cannes Reunion as Girlfriend and Boyfriend - Cuddling and Kissing in Private Villa?

Twi-hards are about to take over the French Riviera in the hopes of seeing their beloved Robsten reunite in front of their eyes. As everyone probably knows by now, both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are set to make appearances at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival in France. Although they’ll be supporting different films at the festival [Kristen with one film, and Rob with two], they’ll be at the festival at the same time, and you know what that means? Every photographer, journalist, reporter, and Twi-hard in the nearby vicinity will be watching for a possible Robsten reunion.

Of course, don’t think this has escaped Kristen’s mind. Even though Rob is trying his best to move on with his life, Kristen reportedly hasn’t given up on getting him back. It’s been more than a year since their initial breakup, but Kristen had reportedly decided that the Cannes festival is the best place to stage their reunion. Considering that it was the first place the two went public with their relationship, it would be quite a coincidence if this is where they publicly reunited, no?

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that Rob and Kristen will end up meeting at the festival, much less reuniting and reconciling. However, sources tell us that Kristen has a plan to win Rob back, and she’s planning on executing that plan when they’re both scheduled to premiere their movies. This plan supposedly involves Kristen wearing a jaw-dropping dress, both of them ‘bumping’ into each other by accident, and then heading back to his place after getting some drinks.

Now, if Rob actually does agree to getting some drinks with Kristen, I doubt he’ll have much resistance after that. No doubt, he’ll be the one to initiate a hook-up, and before you know it, it’ll be #RobstenUnbroken all over again.

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7 responses to “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Cannes Reunion as Girlfriend and Boyfriend – Cuddling and Kissing in Private Villa?”

  1. No Name! says:

    Why you say keep that Kristen plan to win get Rob back? you know that she’s not going to there bc she’s very busy woman and working her new film in NOLA now. That’s still more BS! E! news issiated they won’t meet up same time there is no reunion. Robstens fan has no doubt that they haven’t see each other and since their spilt. They are both offically single. They hasn’t spotted each other since in back 2013 in October. They made it clear that they already move on from each other. That rumors must be false. They already offically broke up for good. It’s OVER NOW! I wonder that why many websites say that Kristen plan get win his ex back?! She isn’t planning and has no interested that get back with his ex. We hopes that she will find new boyfriend soon when she finished her new film America Uthea in NOLA. she will retuned back in LA till June.

  2. nikola6 says:

    His films are screening the 18th and the 19th. He’s then suppose to be in Paris for a premiere on the 21st. These dates have been confirmed. Her film is screening on the 23rd. So odds are, there isn’t going to be a grand reunion in Cannes because he will have already left (although I suppose he could return, especially if his films figure in the award ceremony). Besides, she’s in the middle of filming and isn’t even scheduled to attend. I’m not even a “journalist” and I (and many others) know these things. Why don’t you? It’s your job to get a few facts before you go to print. At least that used to be the job of the “journalist”. And if you know anything at all about Pattinson and Stewart, they would not be parading the status of their relationship (whatever it might be) at pap central known as the Cannes Film Festival.

  3. loveforKris says:

    How is it that Kristen has to move on? She has moved on!!! I firmly believe that it was Her who ended it anyway. Kristen needs no one, especially not him. I think She is completely over him and if anyone is pursuing it’s him not Her!!! She’s the best, I love Her and She will pick who She wants when She’s ready. She needs someone who will be there for Her and not run away when the going gets tough with their tail between their legs like he did!!!!!!!

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