Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Dating Update: Final Public Separation for Twilight Stars at TIFF 2014

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Dating Update: Final Public Separation for Twilight Stars at TIFF 2014

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may have finished Twilight in a blaze of infamy glory, but they’ve not yet gotten to the point that their names aren’t associated with Twilight or each other. There can hardly be a mention of Robert Pattinson without a mention of dating Kristen Stewart, and vice versa. A large part of that is because the public is still extremely fascinated with their relationship, but more specifically, they’re fascinated with the idea of Rob and Kristen moving on. Rumors that this great event will occur at The Toronto International Film Festival have been circulating on the Interweb.

How is that this couple – who dated for so many years and starred together in 5 films in the Twilight franchise – has managed to avoid each other in the cesspool that is Hollywood? And when are we finally going to see them go public with their different dating relationships?

As we mentioned previously, Rob is rumored to be dating a mystery brunette, although we haven’t yet identified who this woman may be. The word around the party scene is that he’s arrived at quite a events with the same woman, but honestly, that could just be a total coincidence – there are a lot of pretty brunettes in Hollywood, and it’s not really a shocker that they would flock to Rob’s side.

And with Kristen? Well, she’s not a lesbian, guys. But there’s a very real possibility that she is/will be seeing Nicholas Hoult in the near future. Nick’s single, as we know, and Kristen’s obviously single. And they’ve both spent quite a bit of time discussing their ‘chemistry’ with each other, which in layman’s terms, can translate to them sleeping together. Granted, Nick might not be over Jennifer Lawrence, so we can’t say for certain if he’s willing to jump back in the sack with Kristen, of all people. But what we do know is that both Rob and Kristen are tired of being romantically linked to each other, and it’s something that’s affected their other relationships, not to mention their friendship with each other [yes, they have somehow managed to stay friends throughout all this]. So when can we expect to see them shed their ‘Robsten’ moniker and go public with their new romances? Well, we can’t say 100% that it’ll happen, but expect the Toronto International Film Festival to be a good publicity opportunity on that front.

Update: Kristen Stewart is really pumping up the stakes here with Nicholas Hoult – thus the ice bucket challenge the two engaged in together. This is merely a ploy on Trampire’s part to put the boot in on Jennifer Lawrence and let her know that it is Twilight Bella who know owns Nicholas. It’s also a cue to former lover Robert Pattinson that yes, they can move on publicly.

  • Seth Aicklen

    Thankfully for them, I don’t think the public knows what is or is not going on between Rob and Kristen now. Personally, I think they probably have a significant friendship, and speak relatively often as I think Rob and/or Katy Perry stated earlier. I imagine the possibilities of romantic involvement have been explored and proven untenable due to trust or other “normal” issues. If that is the case, it is likely that each is pursuing his professional and private life independently of the other, also as stated before. These things are only what most people would do in their place, and nothing is wrong or remarkable about them. Only our obsession with RobSten motivates us to suspect otherwise or worse, accuse them of untoward behavior or motives. We all need to chill and if interested, just wait for future events to occur. Rabid fascination and speculation doesn’t help anyone, most importantly ourselves. It is truly spiritually damaging.

  • ayesha


  • Joyce Kelley

    Excuse me. What did Rob Pattinson do that is not acceptable to you?

  • nicola

    Rob fans are so relieved that the toxic relationship is over and are looking forward to see Rob with his new girl!! EXCITED

    • maggie

      Yeah so happy he has moved on! really very happy

  • Really?

    And I suppose Rupert is just a helpless victim in all this unable to resist her.

  • maggie

    Rob may or may not be an angel but Kristen Stewart is definitely NOT an angel.
    Rob should be out with his new girl soon . He is reclaiming his life back and looks very happy.

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  • RobSten’s biggest fan

    Robert Pattinson is an angel and he loves so much Kristen and Kristen I hope that she loves him too.They must be together again ,they are perfect together!!!!!!Kristen you are my ICOL and I love you so much and must’n cheat again you are love him forever I know that like Twillight, he says:Lets start with forever!!!.Robert you must take her back and you will have a HAPPY END!!!!!!!

  • Randi Stuart

    Guys you need to chill out don’t jump at each other’s throats. As for me, I’m simply stunned how the media is treating Kristen and no one … I mean in ever mentioned Rupert or said anything it boggles my mind how he managed to get out of the whole thing unscathed while people are calling Kristen a whore, a home wrecker, a Trampire or whatever. I wasn’t fascinated with Robert and Kristen’s relationship i simply liked the movies and I’m no Twihard (honestley guys what a silly name) and when they broke up I was like : oh… Okay, but then I started watching their interviews and stuff on YouTube and some videos about Kristen and Robert and I was surprised by the intensity of their love and the way they looked at each other and shared some looks when they thought no one was looking. I’ve never seen such love between two people in hollywood and I think they did such a good thing by protecting their relationship from the public and refusing to answer even though they knew they fooled no one . I have a feeling that affair shouldn’t even be called an affair because I have a feeling that there was nothing more that these photos ..but what do I know ? But my guts are telling ( and let me tell you my guts are always right… I depend on them) that there wasn’t even sex between them and from what I can see it looks like Rupert is really touchy with her and she doesn’t look really comfortable , but then I see the kiss and all I want to ask Kristen is, WHY???. Just two months before the while thing started rob and Kris where can kissing in Cannes and looking proud of each other’s success and didn’t mind the cameras . And I have no doubt in my mind that if there was no scandal Rob would have proposed to Kris in a couple of years and for those who saw some of Rob’s interviews will know what I’m talking about. I’m no Robsten so that means I’m neutral and I think Kris deserves a second chance cause everyone does and I’m sure that she wouldn’t do that again ( I’m talking from a personal experience and I was in Rob’s place but without the media …. Thank god, and I gave my boyfriend a second chance and he was worth it) but I can’t judge about any thing I don’t know anything about , the only solid proof I have are photos and I won’t believe anything the media say other than Kris’s public apology. I would love to see such love blossom again and if there is any way for this these two to reunite then they have my support (not that they need it …but you know what I mean) but who knows… So many couples before them broke up and then got back together, and what is between Kris and rob is something sooooo real it would be really sad if such thing went away cause i believe these two are soulmates. And i would like from you people to stop attacking kristen by critisizing her harshly and calling her vulgar names its so sick of you. And by the way I was shocked about this Twigs chick she is soooo… I don’t know what to say.. And again my guts are telling me the relationship won’t last long (don’t forget I’m neutral, I’m just saying my opinion). I’m sorry if there is any mistakes with the grammar or anything like that.