Kristen Stewart Upset Robert Pattinson Didn’t Spend Holidays With Her – Goes Out On Wild Partying Binge At The Library? (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart Upset Robert Pattinson Didn't Spend Holidays With Her - Goes Out On Wild Partying Binge To The Library? (PHOTOS)

Even though Robert Pattinson is rumored to be seeing Nettie Wakefield in London, there are people that refuse to give up on the idea of Rob getting back together with Kristen Stewart. The latest such report from Hollywood Life claims that Rob was initially supposed to come back to Los Angeles to spend time with Kristen before going off to film Queen of the Desert, but he instead decided to stay in London to spend more time with his family. Now HL claims Kristen is out partying to shake off the blues.  Someone forgot to tell Kristen she’s supposed to be partying as the photo set below indicates.

Uh, Rob was never planning on returning to LA after the holidays, and he has no reason to. He and Kristen are not together, and there’s pretty much a minuscule opportunity that they’ll get back together at this point, even if they are friends. There is nothing keeping Rob in LA anymore, not a girlfriend and not his career. He’s in the position to land films and meet directors/writers/producers/studio heads on his own time and his own name, and he doesn’t have to live in LA to land roles anymore. So of course he’d be spending time in London with his family and best friends, instead of coming to LA to see his ex-girlfriend. Plus, if the rumors are true and Rob does have a new lady in London, he’ll probably want to spend time with her as well.

There’s no guarantee that this new lady is Nettie Wakefield, although several different sources claim that it is. But Rob’s moved on, and it’s time these outlets do as well. They’re just giving Twi-hards false hope that their idols will get back together, when an official reunion is never going to happen. Sure, Rob and Kristen might hook up again and they might even spend time together – but an official reunion? Rob’s spent too much time moving on to risk going back into that holding pattern.

Kristen Stewart Upset Robert Pattinson Didn't Spend Holidays With Her - Goes Out On Wild Partying Binge?

Kristen Stewart and a friend head out for some knowledge in Beverly Hills, California on January 11, 2014. Kristen stopped by a library and then by a newsstand. She carried with her a bottle of Smart Water and a piece of paper that said ‘We The People’

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

5 responses to “Kristen Stewart Upset Robert Pattinson Didn’t Spend Holidays With Her – Goes Out On Wild Partying Binge At The Library? (PHOTOS)”

  1. Dawn says:

    This is supposed to be about Rob. Why keep putting ks
    in the article? I don’t want to see her ugly face or look
    at her dirty hair. Please just info on Rob. And it would
    be nice if rumors weren’t apart of your articles.

  2. catherinedove says:

    Robert was seen in October following Kristen, then speeding off when the papz caught them. He drove away because he KNEW that the tabloids would blow it
    into something stupid. And look what happened:

    To make this New Year’s Eve hoax work so well, they USED those photos to make you all believe that it was possible that Kristen and Robert could be reuniting. THEN, because everyone KNOWS that they usually spend New Year’s Eve on the Isle of Wight – it was an easy rumor to make up.

    All they do is take a ‘fact’ and draw an imaginary line to what could possibly happen next. They look for ‘setups’ to create these rumors (like Robert sitting next to ANYONE and suddenly he is dating them) to draw fans into their money-making sites.

    Kristen didn’t go to meet Rupert just to get into a make-out session with him. She was carrying papers in the ORIGINAL set of photos that came out because she went there for a DIFFERENT reason and Rupert pushed it into something more. Those photos MAY have been manipulated, but NOT for the reasons that some of you think.

    This is called a MOMENTARY INDISCRETION and it is a GOOD REASON to reunite with someone after it happened. Do you think YOUR Hollywood romance would have been able to survive the bombardment of these PR assaults all this time?

    SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for info on Hollywood’s misogynistic smear campaign against Twilight Fans. Petition for Hollywood to initiate its OWN REFORMS for ALL celebrities.

  3. LaLa says:

    they were a great couple ana look what happend nothing gets better it just gets worser.????????

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  5. Twilight says:

    They were a awesome couple we all miss that great couple