Kristen Stewart Blames Rupert Sanders Cheating Scandal Split On Media? (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart Blames Rupert Sanders Cheating Scandal Split On Media? (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart seems incapable of staying controversy-free while promoting her films, and she’s once again at the center of a media storm concerning her remarks over her new movie, Clouds of Sils Maria. She calls out the media in a new interview concerning her role in the film, where she plays a personal assistant to a major Hollywood actress caught up in a personal scandal.

She tells the Wall Street Journal, “The reason this movie was made was not to make a statement about how superficial media can be, but it was a lot of fun for me to be the one to say it. Obviously, I’ve had more experience with the media, so it makes it funnier.”

Right, and I guess we should leave out the part where her ‘experience’ with the media was all thanks to attention from her cheating scandal? Even though she’s stopped complaining about the media as much as she used to, Kristen still shows that she hasn’t really learned how the business works. The media only exists because the fans demand constant updates on their favorite celebrities, and if she’s going to blame anyone, she should blame herself for getting into the industry in the first place. When you become an actor, you’re basically signing away your privacy at the expense of being successful, and that’s just the way it works – for everyone.

And when actors call the media superficial, it’s doubly hypocritical when you think about their jobs. These are people paid to dress nice and play make-believe for a living, and yet they always seem to find numerous things to complain about. We get it, Kristen. Twilight sucked, and you hated your experience on it. But you know what? The media’s not going to tire of you right now, and that’s not because of Twilight, it’s because you slept with your married director and got photographed doing it.

Kristen Stewart departing on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California with her bodyguard on May 27, 2014. In her new film “The Clouds of Sils Maria.”

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  • Reeva

    You hit the nail! I hope for once, Kristen will stop being pretentious and being an all around asshole. We get it, she hates the media, she hates limelight, she hates fame but if she keeps endorsing products, keeps getting caught dry humping a married man in broad daylight, keep hanging out with her lesbian friends and keep co-directing (lol) a lame music video, she will always get attention. Live and let live Kristen, you are in show biz , be happy you are still working, be grateful you still have fans supporting you despite the fact you call them retards, be contented with your life right now and be thankful that despite breaking up a family and being unapologetic about it, you are still getting interviewed and photographed instead of being thrown with eggs and trash. Just be grateful.

    • Aria

      People cheat all the time! But when a celeb does it you flip your shit. Just calm down. You talking smack about her is still giving her publicity. Its just like Miley.

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  • peace

    kristen stewart may hate mediam loves her fans, loves people. loves her career. people need to shutup.

  • guest

    look get over you assholes she was young and famous and why don’t you talk shit about the married and dad who used her for fame and it didn’t work stop talking about this girl shes trying to to use this bad happening go and learn from it but you wont let the trash talk go if it was your daughter or neice or granddaughter it would be different story hes the loser and trash no other director hit on her but him and it destored her and maybe this is why she is the way she is lets help become someone she once was you have to stop this its wrong my son went threw this they tried and tried to work it out but it was the haters that made her feel so bad that no matter how hard theyed tried she couldn’t deal with it and that’s why they couldnot be together but he still loves her and said its our life not anyones elses so mind your own business help her build again and lets help her grow

  • Chintami Karrina Poetri

    I think rupert sanders work together with her wife,to try broke kristen carrer, but they dont success whatever they do,kristen always success with the carrer, time will tell the true,kristen not cheating.

  • This is a LIE that the tabloids & papz want us to believe: Robert
    Pattinson & Kristen Stewart OWE their fame to them. No, they owe it to entertainment news sites like Entertainment Weekly; and Magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Marie Claire – places that actually PAY them to bring us REAL celebrity goodies. Tabloids are bottomfeeders that USE them.

    Los Angeles Times: The Tabloids Don’t Deserve the First Amendment. Here’s a splash:

    The problem is that the culture of tabloid journalism in both Britain and the United States is deeply tied to criminal acts. Without illegal conduct, tabloids could not preempt the mainstream press, and they would not survive.

    Although the law provides us with the tools we need to punish crimes related to free speech, the judicial system is too quick to bow before the 1st Amendment, and as a result we end up shielding criminals who misrepresent themselves as journalists and activists.

    …The root of the problem is our reluctance as a nation to accept that something can be criminal when it involves expression. Crime is crime. Tabloid journalism uses illegal tactics – and it does not deserve absolute protection from the 1st Amendment.

    • Kristen & Robert have made SEVERAL comments about how cruel the paparazzi & tabloids are to them throughout the years – and fans (no matter what their affiliation) have both witnessed and experienced the effects of it for years. The way Kristen & Robert are treated stopped being normal celebrity treatment YEARS ago and long before the stupid ‘cheating’ scandal started.

      If you LOVE them BOYCOTT all online tabloids &
      paparazzi images. Look for them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You would have found that last ‘Robert with a girl in London’ image on your own without the tabloids. Fans don’t need the tabloids or papz now that we have the internet. WHY would you do anything LESS?!!

      • The petition does not call for changing any US laws, nor does it mess with ‘Freedom of Speech’. For that reason, anyone of any age or location around the world can sign it – it’s for all celebrities and it’s WORTH a TRY. The way Hollywood treats it’s celebrities is NOT a NEW topic of discussion. People everywhere have been fed up with the way they are treated for decades.

        We don’t have to agree on any other thing than to be MAD at the tabloids and paparazzi.

        SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot to SIGN the PETITION for tabloid & paparazzi reform for ALL celebrities or brainstorm to figure out something else that WILL WORK. You’ll also find all the gory details on the stupid Twilight ‘cheating’ scandal finale – along with the history of The Twilight Saga and the unusual over-obsessions of Twilight
        & ANTI-Twilight Fans – especially older ones.

  • Aria

    I sense a hater. xD

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