Kristen Stewart Topless and Naked: Exposed for Robert Pattinson? (PHOTO)


So Balenciaga has chosen the next best thing after grumpy cat to be the face of their new campaign. Grumpy teenage vampire Kristen Stewart is the face of – no, not a new line of crypt wear- it’s Rosabotanica, their new perfume. Because Kristen Stewart is such a delicate flower.

Compared to the unsightly first campaign shoot by Steven Meisel for Balenciaga’s other fragrance Florabotanica 2012 in which she looks like Snow White on a bad hair day, the new black and white close-up is a massive improvement.

Also the decision of letting her go topless as opposed to wearing yet another lampshade–ish dress like that incredibly hideous one from their 2008 spring collection seems like a good one.

Fishwrapper wraps it up nicely – despite being photoshopped to oblivion this girl actually IS beautiful.

It doesn’t matter that she’s not the most talented of all young actresses out there – we all vividly remember her abysmal acting in the “Twilight”- trilogy – nor how hard she tries to look like a permanently ill-tempered spoiled brat. There’s something about this girl.

Balenciaga’s bookers aren’t the only ones who see SOMETHING in her. The young actress made herself a household name as an A-class home wrecker thanks to her affair with director Rupert Sanders back in 2012. His gorgeous wife of 11 years Liberty Ross subsequently filed for divorce. Way to make a name for yourself girl!

But what will on-again off-again love interest Robert Pattinson say about the undeniably saucy shoot?. The beau has been shooting some adverts himself – modeling for dior homme. Quite sexy ones actually, in which he is getting pretty close to beautiful model Camille Rowe. Just In case you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below.

What do you guys think? Is the heartthrob flying back into the arms of grumpy cat Kristen Stewart, or is he finally over it? How do you guys like her new campaign shoot?

  • Danity Donnaly

    I’m sure she did it all for him.

    • Jen

      LOL. I can’t believe they are trying to link the two via fashion campaigns now. Because these 2 ex’s didn’t cut off 100 percent contact & have mutual friends—-like tons of normal ex’s—-the tabloids try and keep them eternally linked. Apparently she just wrapped a film with Binoche and he ‘a going to work with her on an upcoming one—I’m sure the tabloids will try and work that into this never ending saga of an old break up.

  • allie

    I hardly think the ad campaign was designed to send a message to Robert. Hilarious.

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