Kristen Stewart Calls Posing for Perfume Ads “Torture” – Spoiled Ignorant Dilettante? (PHOTOS)

Kristin Stewart Calls Posing for Perfume Ads "Torture" - Spoiled Ignorant Dilettante? (PHOTOS)

Kristin Stewart is inexplicably the face of Balenciaga fragrances and has been shooting promotional campaigns for the designer’s Florabotanica and Rosabotanica fragrances respectively. It’s surprising that Kristin Stewart is the face of a high end fragrance because she doesn’t look like she uses soap, let alone perfume. She probably smells more like marihuana than Florabotanica. Kristin must be aware of this fact as well, which is why she made a an attempt to explain the un-likeliness of this pairing by asserting that she’s met a perfume genius and true artistry in Balenciaga brand. Talking to Flare Mag, she speaks of her experience doing promo shoots prior to working with Balenciaga’s former creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere, and how torturous they were…she actually used the word torture. “Before the photo shoot I did with him, it was always f–king torture, “Unless there’s a story that you just f–king have to help bring to life, it’s not worth it.

Here’s the thing, When I was a kid on the playground with my friends, I would swear for no apparent reason. I would use unnecessary swear words in the wrong context because I thought it made me seem cool; I sounded like an idiot. Now, as an adult, I still swear like a sailor but I sound intelligent when I do it, Kristin has not arrived here yet. But, lets for one moment assume that Kristin’s overuse of the F-word makes her cool and deep. In this parallel universe Kristin Stewart is deep, I mean incredibly deep. She’s so deep, so introspective, and so cutting edge that she considers getting paid in inordinate amount of money to stare blankly into a camera torture. The next time I see some story on 60 minutes or whatever about child abuse or sex trafficking, I’m gonna write a strongly worded letter to the producers of those shows, I’m going to suggest they talk to Kristin Stewart so she tell them what real pain feels like.

Here’s the problem with people like Kristin Stewart, people who try so hard to be ‘different’. They end up being carbon copies of others who are also trying to be different thus completely defeating their own purpose and creating a sick cycle of manufactured angst that we all have to deal with. Her personality is so contrived that she doesn’t even buy her own BS. Rather than just admitting that she liked the idea of getting paid a lot of money for minimal effort, she decides to make her decision to sell out about art and genius. Look, if she isn’t going to be grateful and be honest how blessed she is to do the work that she does, she should be replaced and above all silenced. After all, she is better suited to be the face of the stoners, home wreckers, and the decline of American culture, but not a sweet smelling fragrance.

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  1. MountainMomma says:

    Oh poor baby Kristen, waah! If only you knew what real life was like.

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