Ladies of London Recap 6/9/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “A Match Made in Tabloid Heaven”

Ladies of London Recap 6/9/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “A Match Made in Tabloid Heaven”

Ladies of London returns tonight on Bravo with another episode called, “A Match Made in Tabloid Heaven.” On tonight’s episode legal woes impact Noelle and her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Caprice reveals a secret, and the ladies gear up for the summer’s biggest social event.

On the last episode, in the series premiere, Ladies of London explored the world of Britain’s high society. True to form, the Brits and Americans may have spoken the same language but have different ways of interpreting their place in this tightly knit society. This was an all-female cast shows off fabulous outfits and gowns, fancy jewels, fashion shows, parties and names dragged through the press. Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode while the women recover from the first Polo event of the season, Noelle and her boyfriend Scot grapple with his legal woes and discuss moving back in together. Caprice hits the tabloid headlines when she reveals a carefully calculated secret. The ladies prepare for the Serpentine Party, the biggest social event of the summer.

Tonight is going to be another great show episode of Ladies of London and you’re not going to want to miss a minute. Tune in at 10PM EST on Bravo and we’ll be recapping it live right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts of this new show.


Tonight’s episode of Ladies of London kicks off with Juliet seeing her husband and her daughter off to school and work in the morning.

Meanwhile, Marissa is at one of her and her husband’s restaurants going over the menu and checking in with her employees. Juliet arrives and the sit down for lunch together and discuss the upcoming Serpentine party in London.

Noelle heads out to lunch with Scott and he fills her in one the latest developments in his divorce case. His soon to be ex-wife is demanding more money, but Noelle is annoyed because the truth is Scott has no money left. His ex is claiming he has millions hidden away. Scott insists that the divorce will only take a few more months and then they will be married.

Caprice and her husband Ty video chat with her Mom in the states. She is currently pregnant, but she has a surrogate mother carrying another baby of hers in the US. Her Mom is with her surrogate at the doctor’s office, she shows them the sonogram of the baby their surrogate is carrying.

Caroline has breakfast with her husband Cem and they joke about their busy schedules. She realizes that he won’t be in town during the Serpentine Party and she is going to have to go by herself.

Scot and Noelle meet up with a realtor to look at an apartment. Noelle is annoyed she knows she deserves a better place than the one they are looking at. She is even more annoyed because he breaks the news to her that he can’t get any tickets to the Serpentine. She calls Marissa and asks her to see if she can get any more tickets to the party.

Caroline gets a pedicure in her office and goes over her website with some of her employees. Someone in her office shows her an article on the front cover of the newspaper of Caprice and a story about her two babies. Juliet and Marissa think it is hilarious that Caprice gave the press a story about herself, and are confused why it is considered front page material. Annabelle thinks it is strange as well that Caprice called the tabloids on herself.

It’s the day of the huge Serpentine party; Noelle goes to the salon and gets her hair done just in case she lands some tickets at the last minute. Meanwhile, Caroline has a make-up artist in her home getting her ready for the event.
Scot shows up at the salon once Noelle has gotten her hair and make-up done, and reveals to her that there are no tickets to the event. He called everyone he knew and there are no more tickets. Noelle is livid; she was looking forward to walking the red carpet and getting her picture taken by the press.

Scot and Noelle meet up with Marissa and she reveals that she couldn’t get them any tickets to Serpentine either. She tells them the same thing everyone else has told them, the party is over capacity. Caroline shows up and announces that she has an extra ticket because her husband isn’t going. Juliet and Caprice join them too, and Caroline is not a fan of her dress. Caprice learns that Noelle is going to the party and Scot doesn’t have a ticket, she can’t believe Noelle is going without him. The ladies finish up their drinks and go their separate ways to get ready for the Serpentine.

It’s finally time for the big party. The press lines the streets as actors, models, and dozens of other celebrities walk the red carpet in to the party. Noelle is pumped to walk the red carpet by herself, she wants to be able to build a name for herself and not be known as Scot Young’s mistress.

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