LeAnn Rimes Forces Eddie Cibrian To File For Primary Custody of Brandi Glanville’s Sons – War Declared

LeAnn Rimes Forces Eddie Cibrian To File For Primary Custody of Brandi Glanville's Sons - War Declared

It’s on! Homewrecker LeAnn Rimes has just declared war on Brandi Glanville! Just when Brandi thought she had a little reprieve from the drama that is Eddie and LeAnn (well, mostly LeAnn), she will be forced to put the boxing gloves on and come out swinging.

Dear little LeAnn (you know I’m kidding, CDLers!) has concocted a new way to stir up some drama since it has been a few days since she’s tormented her hubby’s former wife. It seems LeAnn has been urging Eddie to seek primary custody of his two sons with Brandi, 41. Apparently, since LeAnn has yet to conceive any children with Eddie, she has to resort to forcing herself on her husband’s sons… the ones she often calls “her boys” to get under the skin of the boys’ mom Brandi.

LeAnn is using all of Brandi’s wild escapades and media reports of her heavy boozing to encourage Eddie to seek custody because, as reported by the National Enquirer, she “only has the boy’s best interests at heart.” Perhaps if she hadn’t continually made such a concerted effort to stick it to Brandi every chance she got by flaunting her time with Mason, 10, and Jake, 6 in such a deliberate hurtful way, then MAYBE this pill would be a little easier to digest. The fact that she feels the need to tweet what she “and her boys” are doing at every moment and how happy they are together, makes it quite clear she wants to get under Brandi’s skin and ingratiate herself a little more into the Cibrian family. Those boys are her tie to Eddie. LeAnn believes that if she buys them everything they want, the boys will love her. If the boys adore her, Eddie would feel terrible about leaving her. Hate to tell you this, LeAnn, but you are proof that…well, you know.

While Brandi is a strong woman who can certainly take a lot, she is also immensely fierce when it comes to protecting the boys. Brandi will fight tooth and nail to make sure primary custody stays with her. LeAnn is banking on more time with the boys so she can turn them against Brandi, claiming that she only wants what is best for the boys and for Brandi to get the help she needs. Unfortunately, Brandi has given her some ammunition that was caught on camera, and centers around partying and alcohol. And it is that ammunition that is fueling LeAnn’s war against Brandi that may turn out to be their biggest battle yet. Brandi could stand Eddie leaving, but to lose her boys, and to LeAnn?? Brandi would do anything in her power to ensure that never, ever happens.

Eddie, for the most part, has kept mum, trying to diffuse any potential battles brought on by LeAnn by reminding her how a big custody battle could hurt the boys. Any loving step mother would take that to heart if her main concern was the boys. Eddie told LeAnn that he feels the boys are safe with Brandi, as reported by The National Enquirer. That is not good enough for LeAnn and she is hoping that the stories about Brandi’s drunken escapades keep coming so she can validate her concern about the safety of the boys and her desire to have primary custody of them.

Keep an eye on those Twitter accounts and refresh that CelebDirtyLaundry.com page to keep up on the latest drama from these two!

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  • HI 50

    Thank you Margaret! Another notch, climbing up the ranks for the most HATED Hollywood wannabe 2014.

    B!tch, please! You need to check your HPV status with your HPV baby/husband. Infertility is a side effect from being infected by your HPV husband OR were you already infected. Hum.

    If Margaret thought the Smiley case earned her non-fans/haters. This, so-called, quest to deny Brandi custody of her children will be her DOWNfall. Margaret doesn’t care about the boys. She just needs to pimp the boys out for interest in her disasterous scripted/reality BS. Bombing, just like her SpiteFire cd.

  • MaggieOwns

    I can only imagine how quickly the public would turn on her (aka see the terrible human being she truly is) if she tried to rip children away from their caring & present mother. Only MeAnn’s 5 diluted fans would believe otherwise.

  • Isa

    Hey ClingAnn, since you have the best interest of little boys, why don’t you go and be concerned about some kids that need it. May I suggest try and get custody of Charlie Sheep’s twin boys? (Wrong on my part I know) or maybe adopt your own you awful creeper! Leann is such a pathetic person but not enough to feel sorry for her. Leann will never see the light of day again if she ever tried that. Just by the rumor whatever remnant of career is now over. Trash! Brandi wanna be!

  • busybeeblogger

    Good grief, I think Brandi is a terrible human being and bad example to her kids, but there’s no way this will happen.

  • Kay.

    So…y’all are posting this as fact while the Beloved Brandi tweeted that it’s BS. Okay.

  • Little Sister

    If true, Rimes will really hurt her limited popularity. Eddie will also lose any limited popularity he has hung on to.