Leonardo DiCaprio Says He Will Get Married To Win an Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio Says He Will Get Married To Win an Oscar

Oh, Leo. Leonardo DiCaprio is campaigning harder than he has for years, yet he’s still behind Mathew McConaughey in the race for that elusive Oscar. To be fair to Leo though, he has been nominated so many times and walked with nothing, so I can’t blame him for getting desperate. But pretending as though he’s actually interested in marriage? Come on, now.

We know he’s only ever going to date 20-something supermodels, but according to him, he’s looking for, “humility, a sense of humor and not a lot of drama” in his ideal girlfriend. Well, I guess models have all that? Plus a great body, of course.

He sat down for an extensive interview with CBS’ Gayle King earlier this week, and he revealed that he wasn’t opposed to getting married, explaining, “It’s going to happen when it’s going to happen.” He acts as though he’s legitimately interested in the idea of marriage, when we know that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is what happens when all these actors get to awards season, and it happened with George Clooney as well. When they get that close to the golden statuette, they will say anything and everything to get on the Oscar voters’ good side.

See, these voters don’t just look as performance, as much as that should be the case. They look at the performances, the campaign, the fashion, the interviews, and the personal life. To an eighty-year-old voter, what nominee will be more appealing? A wholesome family man who’s always toed the line? Or a playboy millionaire who’s sleeping around with supermodels? There’s an element of jealousy involved as well – and many people speculate that the reason that Leo’s yet to win an award is because most Academy award voters are just jealous of him, and want his life.

Be that as it may be, Leo’s just sucking up to the voters right now. Again, can’t blame him, but it sucks that all these campaigns require the actors to play games instead of just focusing on the performances.