Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Live Recap: Season 1 Premiere

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Live Recap: Season 1 Premiere

Tonight on VH1 their new series Love & Hip Hollywood airs with an all new Monday September 15, Season 1 premiere episode. On the premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Teairra Marie is having trouble letting go of her old flame Ray J, while Soulja Boy and Nia prepare to make their relationship official.

In this new series Love & Hip Hop heads to tinsel town with a new group of R&B and hip hop hopefuls have their eyes on the prize and are ready to deliver the shock, drama and scandal as only the #1 social show of the summer can do. With the music industry constantly evolving, these artists’ unwavering ambition keeps them hustling to stay at the top and willing to lay it all on the line.

On tonight’s episode Teairra Mari tries to hold on to her love for Ray J, and Soulja Boy and Nia set out to build a future together.  Fizz and ex girlfriend Moniece continue to have communication issues in regards to their son and Omarion and Apryl prepare for the arrival of their first child in the series premiere of this reality show charting the lives of hip-hop denizens in Hollywood.

It sounds like the premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for live recap of Love & Hip Hip: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!

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Teairra Mari and her roommate ex-publicist to the stars, Hazel E are both still trying to break into the music world. But for some reason or another Teairra keeps letting petty high school drama stand in her way. For instance, Teairra has been in a complicated relationship with Ray J on and off for nine years. Now everyone has been telling these two that the relationship between them is unhealthy. And they have the right to say that after they’ve seen for themselves how easy arguments get out of hand and turn violent with this particular couple.

But the people they are most concerned about don’t seem to see anything wrong with their relationship. Like Ray J honestly thinks everyone can still be friends (and possible throw in a kumbaya) despite the fact when he last saw his ex – she tried to cause a fight by attacking his assistant and longtime friend, Morgan. That’s why Morgan doesn’t want Teairra anywhere near this newest party she’s planning for Ray J.

At the end of the day there’s just too many careers that are riding on the line for them to pander to anyone.

Though Ray J isn’t the only guy that appears to be out of the loop when it comes to women. Omarion, another well-known and handsome face, and his lady love for the last three years are about to have their first child together. So things should be the best they’ve ever been. However Omarion’s mother suddenly doesn’t like Apryl now that Apryl is pregnant. Which is odd because of the two of them used to be really close before the pregnancy.

Fast forward a couple of months and Apryl is in her last trimester and her baby daddy has to go on tour. So Omarion is now in this positon where he’s worried about both main women in his life. He has a baby that’s due soon and his mother also has some medical issues that need to be monitored. But neither one of the women wants to be the big enough person to make an overture to the other so he’s essentially stuck and trying to talk sense into at least one of them isn’t working.

Then there’s Soulja Boy. He’s in a committed relationship with Nia Riley. And Nia grew up in the business thanks to her father being a known name so she knows what tends to go on behind the scenes and has asked Soulja Boy to remain committed to her. She’s not asking for much – just for him to calm it down and so far he said he’ll try.

And rather than push him for more – she’s willing to see how well he does with the limitations. He said he loves her so now all he has to do is prove it!

But unlike those two – not everyone has a healthy relationship. Former B2K member, Fizz, had dropped out of the music scene in order to raise his son himself. And though that should have made things easier on the home front between him and baby mama – he ran into some difficulties when she turned out to be violent. According to him, his ex Moniece Slaughter simply snapped one day and he was forced to get a restraining order against her.

He also received primary custody for a while because of her actions. Yet that’s changing as well. Recently Moniece is able to see her son more but he believes she’s making too many demands and she hasn’t earned that right.

Then in the other corner there’s Moniece and her version of events. According to her, Fizz blew things way out of proportion with a retracing order and he’s still being guarded with their son as if she has no claim on the little boy. Like she’s not supposed to be worried.

Though Fizz’s main problem with her is that she blows up his phone everytime it’s his time with their son. And so she gets angry at him for ignoring her calls and he gets angry at her for thinking she’s parent when she’s not even putting in half as much time as he is. So they are merely going to keep going with this pattern until someone else stops it.

Apryl decided to sit down with Omarion’s mother. She had promised her boyfriend she would attempt to build a bridge, but found out she’d be unable to do so because of the other woman’s bitterness. Omarion’s mother feels like her relationship changed with her son when he got together with Apryl and then when they moved to a new house – it felt like she was cut adrift. So she blames the other woman for her son being late picking up her bills and for her son not calling her as frequently as he used to.

Apryl said she wasn’t standing in the way and yet the older woman refused to believe it. Hence, Apryl tried. If Omarion wants something to be done then maybe he should do it himself!

As for Soulja Boy, he’s moving in with his girlfriend and her one year old. She’s hoping he’s mature enough for this stage and he’s doubtable. Like, sure, he loves but is he really ready to be someone’s dad.

Teairra and Ray J’s volatile relationship came to a head in the final moments of tonight’s premiere. Ray J had foolishly invited his ex, after she had already bad mouthed his newest girlfriend, to his event. So when she showed up – his recent then chose to get petty revenge by revealing all the things Teairra allegedly left at Ray J’s house and was even now demanding back. Like a special cream for a certain area.

She announced it aloud, showed pictures, and basically antagonized Teairra over this one cream. So Teairra decided to show this woman who she was messing with and attacked. Because, you know, yeast infection is no joke!

So next week we get to see the fall-out of when women forget they’re grown!