Love & Hip Hop Recap “You’re Cancelled” Season 5 Episode 2

Love & Hip Hop Recap "You're Cancelled" Season 5 Episode 2

Tonight on VH1 their new series Love & Hip Hollywood continues with an all new Monday December 22, season 5 episode 2 called “Your Cancelled” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Trust issues test Diamond Strawberry and Cisco’s Rosado relationship. In other events, Amina Buddafly faces a reality about Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace, and Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith are at odds about their life plans.

On the last episode, season 5 opened with Mendeecees and Yandy contemplating the next steps in their lives. Also: Peter couldn’t stop focusing on Tara; and Chrissy faced her enemy. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Diamond and Cisco try to overcome issues with lying and trust within their relationship.”

It sounds like the 5th season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!

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In Vegas, at a wedding chapel, Mendeecees and Yandy are exchanging vows. He says I do and she pauses then cries. She says she’s sorry. She says she loves him and has since they met but dreamed of a big wedding with a horse and carriage and bridesmaids. He tells the minister he’s sorry and that Yandy deserves better. He tells her he wants her to have the white dress and flowers and maybe some birds. He kisses her. She says she’s dreamed about her wedding and says she’s glad she has a man who understands she needs the big wedding. They leave the chapel and go to start planning their wedding.

Amina says her sister Jazz has joined her in NYC to work on the new Black Buddafly album. They are in rehearsal. Amina also says she needs to get the album done before her baby comes. Jazz says they family misses her and she asks how Peter is acting. Amina says he doesn’t come home when he should and Jazz asks where he is. Amina says she knows where he is but says she and Peter are working on their marriage.

Cyn talks about her relationship with Erica and their business – Her. Erica runs to kiss her hi and Cyn says their relationship is going well but says when she leaves her alone, she gets in trouble. Erica is involved in an IG beef with some woman. Erica says she was out and then old lady bastard came at her at the bar when she was out with her lawyer Rich. Cyn says she wouldn’t have come at her for no reason. She wants the truth.

Cyn tells her that business is business and Erica says she’s going to let the business with Rich die down. They talk about Her and what they need to do. Cyn wants to take some of her money to Africa to feed poor kids but Erica wants to go shoe shopping. Cyn tells her she has enough shoes but Erica kisses her and asks please to go shoe shopping.

Diamond says her decision to move to New York surprised her. She goes to meet Cisco and says she wants to give her modeling and love life a go. He says he’s happy she’s there and he tells her he has her set up to stay with a friend of his. She’s not happy he’s set her up with someone she doesn’t know. He says he’s going to come get her every day. She wants to get more serious but he says he has some commitment issues. He’s not ready to move in yet.

Diamond says she’s the woman he’s supposed to wife and she came all this way and put everything on the line for him. She says she doesn’t want them to be apart again but he says he wants to take it slower and not mess things up. She says she’ll just make the best of it. Over at Babeland, Yandy shows up to meet Tara at the sex shop. Yandy tells her that she and Mendeecees flew to Vegas and says he took her to a wedding chapel.

Tara asks what she said and Yandy says she wanted something else. Tara tells her she deserves the big wedding. Tara wants some help with her life. She says Peter is driving her crazy and talks about their split. She says the kids really don’t understand what’s going on and they think he’s just working. Tara says the truth is messy and Yandy says they need to co-parent and try to be friends but Tara doesn’t like the way it sounds.

Yandy thinks Tara is in a fog and wants her to protect her heart and move on. Amina and Peter head to meet Erica and Cyn for dinner. She wants Peter and Erica to squash their beef and get along better. Erica says she has a good connection with Amina. Peter tells her she’s sorry about everything that happened and they shake and make up. Erica says Cyn was a little nervous about meeting up and Amina says she’s glad they worked it out.

Erica says she wants to throw her a baby shower co-hosted with Cyn since they don’t have a lot of family here. Peter says let’s do it. Amina says no one else would throw her a baby shower and says it’s totally exciting. Amina is at a photo shoot showing off her baby bump. She’s annoyed that Peter is late and his phone is going to voice mail. He finally shows up and she says it’s typical. She asks what time it is and she says it’s almost over.

Peter says Amina doesn’t understand that his hustle is real and has to be working to support his latest kid. She tells him she’s tired of waiting on him and he says he’s spreading himself thin and isn’t doing this with malice. He says he’ll do better and she reminds him that he hasn’t been home all week. He says he has something special planned for them for Thursday. He apologizes to her but she won’t take any more photos with him.

Diamond says things in New York isn’t going like she wanted. She goes to see her Mom who has just showed up for a visit. Lisa demands to know what she’s doing for money and what’s going on. Lisa asks where Cisco lives and she admits she hasn’t been to his place yet. Lisa thinks he’s seeing another woman. Her family hasn’t met Cisco yet and Diamond says her mom thinks he’s a player and is not treating her right.

Lisa says she’s there to try and get her to think about what she’s doing. She tells Diamond to pack her crap and go home. Lisa asks what about MyLisa and what she’s doing about her. Diamond says Cisco doesn’t even know about MyLisa because she never thought things would get so serious. She says if she tells him, she thinks he’ll leave her. Lisa tells her daughter to tell him right now to tell him and says Diamond is living in fantasy land. She threatens to tell Cisco if Diamond won’t.

Cyn is annoyed at Erica not following their relationship guidelines. She says someone sent her a video of Erica and another woman doing things and says she’s tired of the disrespect. She meets Erica and tells her they need to talk. She’s angry and tells Erica she’s tired of her acting like she’s single and thinks their relationship is a joke. She shows her the video. Erica says Jess, the girl in the video, is just a friend of hers. She says she was just being friendly.

Erica says she was just hosting a party and Cyn says she was licking some bitch’s ass. Erica tells her not to run up on her accuse her of cheating. Erica thinks Cyn is blowing this way out of proportion. Cyn tells her she doesn’t treat her like a person. Erica wants to make her happy and not blow this but Cyn tells her to leave her alone for a second. Erica tells her she loves her and Cyn says love and respect are two different things. She walks off from Erica.

At a club, Chrissy goes to Rashidah’s shoe party at a club. Cyn also shows up to find out more about Erica’s beef with Chrissy. Cyn asks Chrissy if they can talk. She wants to know how honest Erica is being honest with her. They sit and she asks about her issues with Erica. Chrissy thinks Erica is evil and is ready to tell Cyn exactly who Erica is. Chrissy says she’s known Erica since she was 17. She says Erica was trash talking her and calling her a madam.

Chrissy says she did used to be a madam and that Erica worked for her as an escort. Cyn is totally stunned. Chrissy tells Cyn that she shouldn’t ruin her reputation by hanging out with trash like Erica. She says Erica is making trouble all over town and ripping people off. Chrissy says love can blind you. Cyn says she’s upset that Erica didn’t tell her this. She tells Chrissy she needs to let this marinate a little and she goes to step outside and think.

Diamond is angry at her mom’s ultimatum to tell Cisco about her daughter. She goes to meet him and tells him her mom is in town unexpectedly. She says her mom is concerned and she asks Cisco why she hasn’t seen where he stays and why they only meet in public places and f- in the car. She says she’s tired of the hit it and quit it. He says once she knows she’s going to come around and then next thing, they’re living together. He says he has trust issues.

Cisco says the last time he trusted a woman, his whole world fell apart. He says he has to know her love is guaranteed and isn’t going nowhere and says he’s been betrayed in the past. He wants her to chill out and be patient. She says she has something to tell him on the topic of honesty. He asks if she’s f-ing someone else and she says no. She tells him she has a daughter that’s six. She says she lied to him about it and told him she had a dog instead if heard her.

He’s shocked and she says her daughter lives in LA with her mom. He says she’s been hiding her from him and says he just told her that he had trust issues and then springs this on him. He says it’s BS and says he doesn’t think she’s serious. She says she wants them to meet and says they’re going to be one big happy family. She says she withheld information but didn’t lie. He tells her to get away from him and says they are canceled. She says she’s not going anywhere.

She knocks her drink over and stalks off. She can’t believe that she moved 3,000 miles to be with him. She goes around the corner and breaks down crying. Chrissy is at another event of Rashidah’s and says she came to confront Erica about trash talking with her. Rashidah says the two of them should have a calm talk about things. Erica shows up to the event and Rashidah calls her over. She says she and Chrissy need to talk and have a civilized conversation.

Erica says it’s a bad idea. Rashidah tries to mediate them back to a happy medium. Chrissy says they have nothing to talk about. She says Erica said she was going to come to her house and was threatening her. Rashidah says in an argument you say shit you don’t mean. Erica says she doesn’t disrespect her elders. She tells Rashidah she’s going to go mingle. Chrissy thinks Erica thinks she’s better than everyone and says Erica has fake buns.

Rashidah tells Erica she hurt Chrissy’s feelings and Erica says she was spreading the word saying she was an escort. Erica says she has a lot of enemies and doesn’t have time to deal with all the pettiness. Chrissy comes up on Erica and takes a swing. She hits back and they are dragged apart. Chrissy is happy and says Erica got what she deserved. She walks out with swagger and gets in her car.

Amina waits for Peter for their date but he never shows up. She’s upset and says he played her for a fool again. He’s having lunch with Tara and the kids. Peter proposes them all taking a family vacation like to the beach or somewhere. She says they can do that as long as it’s about the kids. He says anything that happens will stay at the beach. She thinks he’s trying to sneak back into her bed. Amina shows up and approaches their table. Peter curses. She says she saw his car across the street. Uh-oh…