Margot Robbie Praises Will Smith But Won’t Deny Hookup Rumors

Margot Robbie Praises Will Smith But Won't Deny Hookup Rumors

Margot Robbie has pretty much exploded onto the Hollywood scene by working back-to-back with two of the biggest stars in Hollywood today – first with Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street, and then with Will Smith in Focus.

In a new interview with Manhattan Magazine, Margot reveals her experiences in working with these A-list actors. Considering that she’s promoting Wolf of Wall Street, she spends more time on her working with Leo, but she also touches upon her experiences with Will Smith.

Although she refuses to entertain any comments on the rumors of her hooking up with Will on the set of Focus, she does say, “You know, Will is really wonderful. We do one take that’s hilarious… and the very next take it’s really emotional and sad, and people are crying. It’s fun — we get to play with different levels all the time. He has the capacity to do both comedy and really serious drama, so there are endless possibilities. I keep getting lucky with my co-stars.”

That, she certainly does. I’d be hard-pressed to remember another young actress that broke out onto the scene so quickly and started working with A-list directors and actors so consecutively. No doubt, it has something do with her rare combination of extremely good looks and talent. And that has unfortunately also led to her becoming a tabloid figure, even though she’s barely known to mainstream audiences yet.

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Margot Robbie Praises Will Smith But Won't Deny Hookup Rumors

Image Credit: Star and Manhattan

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