Mariah Carey Performs For Dictator Hassanal Bolkiah’s Family On New Year’s Eve

Mariah Carey Performs For Dictator Hassanal Bolkiah's Family On New Year's Eve

It’s almost as if she doesn’t care. This comes just weeks after Mariah Carey came under fire for performing for the president of Angola, a ruthless dictator.  According to reports, Mariah performed at a New Year’s eve party attended by The Sultan of Brunei’s family, amongst others. Is this a trend now? Mariah Carey doesn’t seem to care for whom she provides entertainment, as long she makes her money.

She wasn’t the only celebrity in attendance. Apart from her, John Travolta, Jerry Hall, and Emmy Rossum were also all spotted attending the event.

As always, Mariah will probably pretend as though she didn’t know anything, and then proceed to put the blame on her team. She has been friends with the Sultan’s son for years, so it’s not like her associations were all that savory to begin with.

In all likeliness, Mariah probably doesn’t concern herself with the politics of those she performs for. If they have money, she’s in. And it’s soon going to come crashing down around her. The public hasn’t yet caught on to the trend, but as soon as they do, the backlash will be swift and severe.

CDL has been contacted since the initial publication of this article and informed that The Sultan Of Brunei did neither attend nor host the party at the Dorchester Hotel on Tuesday evening.

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