Married to Medicine RECAP 5/18/14: Season 2 Episode 7 “A Fashion Faux-Pas”

Married to Medicine RECAP 5/18/14: Season 2 Episode 7 “A Fashion Faux-Pas”

Tonight on Bravo Married to Medicine returns with an all new episode called, “A Fashion Faux-Pas.” On tonight’s episode, Dr. Simone shocks Dr. Jackie with a revelation about her finances. Meanwhile, Mariah mulls over attending Quad’s fashion show; startling information spreads about Mariah; and tensions soar at a fashion event.

On last week’s episode the drama of the WEN Conference continued with more tears and accusations thrown out by Mariah and Quad. It was the big day for Lisa as she finally found out whether or not she was cancer free. In a last ditch effort to save their friendship, Quad invited Mariah to an upcoming fashion show.   Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Dr. Simone finally reveals her financial issues to a shocked and speechless Dr. Jackie. Meanwhile, Dr. Heavenly hears some startling information about Mariah. An explosion erupts at the Women of Atlanta fashion show when Reco Chapple and Mariah finally come face to face.

Tonight is going to be another great episode of Married to Medicine and you know there will be laughter, drama, and, of course, “shade.” Tune in at 9Pm EST and we’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know how excited you are for the new season of Married to Medicine.

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At Dr. Work’s hair restoration center, Aydan and Mariah come in for his consultation. She tells him how hot he’s going to be when he’s done. Dr. Work comes in to talk to them. Mariah says her big concern is that his implants need to look natural and wants all the same type of hair to look consistent. Ayden says he’s ready. Mariah says they need their hot hair to make them like Aladdin and Jasmine. The doc says they’re going to sedate him and Mariah goes outside to wait.

Dr Work says he’ll try to make it go quickly but it’s painful. Mariah can hear it and says it’s tearing her heart up. She says doctors make the worst patients.

Quad comes into a shop to see Rafael Cox. He comes out and they hug it up. She says they have great chemistry. She’s there for a last fitting before his fashion show to benefit breast cancer research. Quad says Rafael asked her to be in the Women of Atlanta Show because she’s everything in a dress. She tries on a couple of numbers and he wows.

There’s a long black dress that he wants her to wear on the pink carpet then she tries on a hot pink number. He says this is her show piece and she says she loves it. She asks what the night is about and he says it’s all about Atlanta, fashion, the charity and asks her to ask her friends to come and donate. She says she invited Mariah and her other friends.

Quad says she and Mariah had an incident at a conference where they got snippy with each other in the Tranquility Room. Quad says she doesn’t want any drama but wants it to be about the survivors and raising money.

Lucy, Mariah’s mother, comes in to support Ayden. Mariah tells them it’s more dramatic than she thought and says it’s serious surgery. Lake, her sister, asks if she’s going to be a good wife and take care of him over the next few days. Mariah tells them about Quad inviting her to the fashion show. She’s not sure if it was a sincere invite or a set-up. She also tells them about the drama at the conference.

Lucy says that was who she was when she met her. Mariah says that’s who she’s always been and we see a flashback to her and Ayden talking about how you can took the girl out of the hood but can’t take the hood out of the girl. Lucy says Quad is hating on her even though they’ve been friends since they were 14. Her mom tells her not to even worry about it.

Jackie heads out to lunch with Simone for their usual lunch. Jackie tells her about a patient that she has to look at the pics from. There’s intrauterine fibroids and all kinds of ick on the photos. Simone admits she’s struggling because she’s never been so broke in her whole practice. She says she’s digging into her savings to make payroll. Jackie asks why she’s just hearing about this now.

Simone says that she didn’t want to burder her with her problems and Jackie says friends aren’t a problem. Simone says it was so stressful and says she and Cecil have been arguing about what she should have been doing. She says Cecil has been criticizing her about what’s going on in her office. Jackie thinks Simone should admit some of the stress is caused by her reactions to Cecil.

Simone says she and Cecil haven’t had sex in months. She says she’s been waiting for him to fall asleep before she comes to bed because she can’t enjoy sex when she’s stressed out. Simone asks Jackie and she says she and Curtis do it on the weekend plus when she thinks he’s grouchy or she’s in trouble. Jackie says happy husband, happy house. Jackie says she would loan her some money.

Heavenly comes in to work on a patient who is thrilled with her smile. She says she can always make her patients comfortable. She says she gives smiles a heavenly touch. Brian, Mariah’s cousin, comes to see Heavenly. They hug it out. He’s her stylist and has brought stuff for Quad’s fashion show. He has a white fur coat for her to look at. He says the dress won’t matter with this coat and says her dress will be delivered to the house.

Heavenly says most people’s minks aren’t real, but hers are. She also talks about the conference and how they were trying to get Mariah and Quad together. Brian says he feels bad for Quad because Mariah has treated him badly before. She says Mariah even threatened to end his career with one phone call. Heavenly is appalled. He says Mariah did the same thing to Quad that she did to her.

Heavenly says Mariah didn’t introduce him as a stylist, but her cousin. Brian says she’s jealous of him working with Heavenly and has control issues. Heavenly says if Mariah does her family and best friend that way, she may need watch out but Heavenly wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Brian says she may be next and not even know it.

Simone comes home and Cecil tells her it’s been a long day. She kisses her boys and he says she looks bad and like she’s been in a fight. Simone says she’s exhausted and Cecil says her coming home late now is the norm and that he’s picking up the slack. He offers to fix her a plate and one of her kid sasses her. Michael says he knows she’s going to bed and not to lie to them. The boys laugh when their dad says something about nuts. Cecil goes up to check on Simone.

Cecil asks why she’s not eating and she says she’s not hungry. He says after the kids go to bed, they’re together but are seperate. They say their only connection is on the same internet connection. He cracks a dirty joke and she fusses at him then laughs.

They’re setting up for the Women of Atlanta fashion show when Quad shows up. Jeremy, her makeup artist, is there. Quad says Atlanta is full of powerful women and she’s happy to be one of them. Rafael is there too. Ayden is still in bed and is in pain when the kids come in to smooch him. His eyes and face are all swollen and Mariah says the swelling is moving down.

Mariah is worried and the kids say it’s a bad week for him. She isn’t sure about going to the fashion show because of his pain and because of Quad’s behavior. Jackie talks on the pink carpet about being a two time breast cancer survivor and that she’s happy for Quad’s work. Reco is there on the pink carpet as well. Jackie explains to some of the girls that wearing pink shows your support for the cause and thinks they should have known. Lisa is there too showing off her dress.

Heavenly shows up in her spectacular fur. She has Brian with her and introduces him around as her stylist. Darren talks with Gregory about their wives and fashion. Gregory says he’s excited to see how Quad does and says she better not mess up. Quad hugs the girls and says she hopes they brought their checkbooks to make it rain. She thanks them for coming and goes to change.

Jackie talks to Lisa about her biopsy and says she’s worried about her results. Lisa says the cyst broke up when they put the needle in so it looks good. Jackie is relieved. The main subject of conversation is how Mariah is treating people. Lisa says the dirt just keeps coming and coming.

Quad watches the crowd come in and looks around for her hubby. Mariah’s seat is empty and she says at least that means there will be no drama. The show starts. Many of the models in the show are breast cancer survivors. Dondria is among them. Then it’s Quad’s turn and the crowd cheers. Heavenly says Quad killed it. Quad says this is the first time in this social group she has felt empowered and in control.

Rafael takes a bow at the end of the show. Heavenly says it’s been a great event because all the women are there to support the cause and Quad. After, the ladies go to look for Quad. Mariah shows up at this point. Lisa notices that she’s there. They say that Mariah came in late and still stole the show. She says Ayden had surgery so she barely made it.

Reco is ready to confront Mariah and get it over with. Mariah gives Heavenly a hug but says she’s dressed like a polar bear. Reco calls out to Quad who says she’s going to change. Quad says she heard about Mariah trash talking Reco and knows why he’s mad. Heavenly makes a joke about Mariah having her titties out and Reco says he just wants to have it all out.

Mariah introduces Barry and says he’s her muscle. Heavenly asks why she needs security. Lisa comes over and asks Mariah about her being willed to marry Reco and she says he should act like her husband. Reco kisses Lucy and says hi to Simone. Mariah is annoyed that he tries to kiss her and says he can kiss her other cheek.

Barry gets in closer and Reco tells him that nobody called for him. He laughs because she brought “security” and Lucy tells Reco not to do this. Reco throws a fit and says she has no right to say she made him relevant. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he says this is not a game to him and goes back 20 years. He starts cursing her and pulls off his jacket. Rafael tries to calm him down.

Mariah can’t believe how Reco is acting and says she’s nervous and thinks he may really want to hit her. Reco’s buddy drags him out and Mariah acts confused. She says she will never say his name again and will say devil get thee behind me – you and your stretch pieces. He and his buddy zoom off. Mariah says they fell out over a photo shoot and then he called Quad but she thought he should work with her more than anyone else.

Mariah tells the girls Reco should be indebted to her. Quad comes out and is told Reco had to be carried out. Quad says that Mariah said that she said she never should have made Quad relevant. Mariah says she wishes her well and heard she did good and says she’s leaving. Mariah laughs and says she must be a star maker if hse’s the one who made them both relevant.

Simone says it’s sad to see them fall apart since they were once so close. Mariah is outside and talks smack loud enough for Quad to hear. Quad is mad that she came late and with a bodygard and comes to confront her.