Matthew Knowles’ Baby Mama Alexsandra Wright And Son Nixon Will End Up Homeless After Reduced Child Support – Beyonce Won’t Help!

Matthew Knowles' Baby Mama Alexsandra Wright And Son Nixon Will End Up Homeless After Reduced Child Support - Beyonce Won't Help!

Matthew Knowles‘s love child, Nixon, and Nixon’s mother are about to be homeless. According to Alexsandra Wright, Matthew Knowles is a deadbeat father who pays meager child support. Because of this, she and her son are about to become homeless. But here’s where things get interesting. In all actuality, a judge ruled that, since Matthew is no longer his daughter’s manager, Matthew’s support payments have been reduced. Little Nixon has yet to meet either of his famous siblings Beyoncé or Solange.

On March 3rd, a judge ruled that because Mathew, 63, lost his gig as his superstar daughter’s manager in 2011, his child support payments should be retroactively reduced, from $12,000 to $2,400 per month.

This ruling means he won’t have to make another payment for almost two years. “I can’t imagine how Beyoncé feels knowing she has a homeless brother,” Alexsandra says. “I know if I were in the same position, I would reach out. Maybe she is too busy.”

This is such a mess. Every single adult in this situation needs to step up. Alexandra Wright needs to get a job first and foremost. Groupie entitlement isn’t a good look on anyone and treating your child like a meal ticket is just the lowest of the low. She’s received more money in child support in the few years since Nixon’s been born than many people will ever make in a lifetime.Where is that money? And what is Alexsandra doing to contribute to her own household? These celebrity seed chasers are allergic to W2s because once they have the child, they no longer have any aspirations or ambition of their own.

I’m more appalled at Matthew being a deadbeat father than I am at him not giving a woman thousands of dollars a month to spend on everything but the child. Nixon didn’t ask to be born into this mess and he shouldn’t be punished by being ignored by his family. No one held Matthew by gunpoint and forced him to have unprotected sex with this woman. That decision resulted in a child, a flesh and blood human with feelings. The same goes for Beyoncé. From now on, anything philanthropic she does will get major side eye.

I’m not saying Beyoncé has to support her baby brother financially, because that is the responsibility of his parents. But refusing to meet the little guy and behaving as if he doesn’t exist is a bullying tactic designed to ostracize Nixon’s mother and make her feel insignificant — but it will end up hurting the child in the process. Anyone who knowingly inflicts psychological pain on a child does not get a pass. Besides, Beyoncé is no mother Teresa. She’s a professional singer who dances suggestively onstage in a thong. She’s in no position to judge or belittle anyone. What do you guys think? Is Beyoncé being a witch that starts with a “B” for bullying a toddler? or does she have no responsibility to Nixon regardless of his blood relation? We really want to know!

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20 responses to “Matthew Knowles’ Baby Mama Alexsandra Wright And Son Nixon Will End Up Homeless After Reduced Child Support – Beyonce Won’t Help!”

  1. twelfthnight says:

    Why should she care? She’s not bullying a toddler, she simply doesn’t want anything to do with her father’s ‘lovechild’ or the woman he had the baby with. She has no obligation to make them part of her family, it’s not like her father remarried and she’s icing them out of her life. She has no obligations to this kid or his mother, financially or otherwise.

    Why did this woman ever need 12k or even 2.4k per month to raise her child? People support their whole families on less. She sounds like a gold digger who wants a free ride. If you end up homeless on 2k a month child support, maybe you should, I dunno, GET A JOB and move somewhere where you can afford things.

  2. ann says:

    I feel for the Knowles-Carter family. Experienced the same kind of pain however, im just not famous. That type of pain cheating,breeding offspring while married, stealing money from the home, mia on weekends, etc.. is similar to a TOOTHACHE.. No matter what you try or do to alleviate the PAIN, it yet LINGERS! Forgiveness may take place, but HEALING might take years and years. Point driven, “Devastating Pain” is real and very hard to manage and conquer. However, if we could just try and look beyond the pain for just a moment, we could see the Little INNOCENT one, who never ask to come here , to be birth in such a CRUEL WORLD. Yes, both parents were totally wrong, but when children are involved we need to think REASONABLY and COMPASSIONATELY. GOD, for some reason beyond our imagination, gave this child LIFE, despite the situation and circumstances, therefore, this child deserves LOVE from his family… Moreover, my husband allegedly has two young children in another state that i, nor my children have ever seen. They would love to become a part of their brother and sisters life, and i would too. Don’t want the children crossing paths later in life to discover that they`’ve dated their own relatives->> These children are considered blood relatives, thats more than enough reason to LOVE and CARE for these INNOCENT CHILDREN. THEY WERE>> BLESSED TO BE HERE BY GOD… Finally, as for the mom, she is CERTAINLY, old enough to PROVIDE FOR HERSELF. However, if in anyway humanly possible, without HESITATION, I would find some way to help–> the INNOCENT CHILD AMEN, GOD BLESS EACH OF THESE FAMILIES! Amen. ((:

    • Amanda Williams Semple says:

      I understand what you are saying, but the mother and father of the child can help, they don’t need beyonce financially. She should not be a meal ticket.

  3. Oldsoul says:

    I guess N better start singing and dancing if he wants to get any attention in that family. they barely acknowledge Solange, this kid will need Jesus.

  4. nini says:

    That’s not bullying I’m not gonna look at beyonce no different she don’t have to meet him she’s a grown women and she can do what ever she want this women slept with a married man now she wanna throw Beyonce in it like that’s her child or like Tina had him no bitch Beyonce don’t give them a penny I honestly don’t even care about the kid his mom OS a homewrecker my dad did the same thing and I never meet those mother [expletive]

  5. BionicBey says:

    How in the hell do you blame Beyonce??? You’re just as silly as this 43 year old woman asking the daughter of the married man she had an affair with to take care of the resulting bastid. Why not tell Ms. Tina she’s wrong for not babysitting… since we’re throwing out nonsensical suggestions?

  6. BionicBey says:

    And the ENTIRE WORLD gave a collective Kanye shrug. LOL nice try though eh?

  7. get real says:

    That lazy woman needs to get off her butt and back. Get a job to support her son. Beyonce does not owe her lazy butt nothing.

  8. get real says:

    You must be blood related to the gold digging lazy groupie. Get a life and stop attacking fans for showing compassion to Beyoncé. Your gold digging family member is constantly in the press telling anyone that will listen that no one wants to meet her son. I did not know who Matthew Knowles was until she constantly went to the press. This boy will be talked about forever. Everyone in the world will know he was rejected because of her lazy ass. She got $12,000 a month for several years. Her house she be paid for. Wow if that lazy tramp would have gotten a job and put some of the money up she would not be on the verge of being homeless. I’m so glad she is getting what she deserves.

  9. ChocolateGirlWondah says:

    Seriously? The woman broke up her parent’s marriage. She’s not obligated to meet that little boy and/or accept him as family. GTFOH. Why? She’s not obligated to provide for him either, she has her own child to worry about. Matthew and Alexandra need to figure it out. Leave Beyonce and Solange out of this.

  10. Amanda Williams Semple says:

    Oooh you people, who The he’ll wrote this article, if she wasn’t beyonce would you care if she meets this child or not, so her daddy cheats and you are forcing her to meet the child because she is rich and famous. And then you are calling her a bully. Who is the idiot that wrote this article!!!! Let’s put the blame where the blame is due her daddy.

  11. Amanda Williams Semple says:

    Yes but does she have to do it now? She will when she is ready to whether it’s in the near or distance future. So let her be.

  12. Amanda Williams Semple says:

    Thank you dream, we’ll said

  13. Lady T says:

    Oldsoul, I think Beyonce doesn’t want to meet the child; because. This was an outside child of the marriage that broke up her parents. My father has an outside child.and I obligation to reach out to him. He reached out to me and we talked: however, I don’t have that brotherly love sisterly love that people wanted us to have, it just didn’t happen

  14. lisasig says:

    First of all, to subject your son to a homeless shelter out of pride because you want to throw a temper tantrum about $2400 a month says a lot about this woman’s character to begin with. Secondly, one thing I’m sure she’s observed from this family is that they work hard, so whether you’re Beyonce or just a regular person ‘hard work’ is the bottom line. Nobody respects a women who sits back and feels obligated/entitled to receive money/gifts while she sits on the couch and watches Maury all day. She needs to earn respect for herself and from her child so that he can have a healthy childhood, not be chasing after Beyonce.

  15. AJA says:

    Obviously reading comprehension isn’t your strong point. I not only mentioned financial support but nurturing which means (let me sum it up for you)–care for, look after. By that, she is still under no obligation to do so. It is the responsibility of the parents. Since you feel so strongly about it, feel free to check in on the child as you’ve stated. Please read my comments carefully before you respond!

  16. mharrikesha says:

    What you’re missing is this blogger made it clear that it’s NOT Beyonce’s financial obligation. However, I do agree that she and Solange should allow him to be apart of their lives. His parents are at fault not him. He’s the ONLY one being hurt here. Funny thing is tho, he’ll be the one everyone needs later in life.

  17. Re says:

    I’m understand from both sides, that mother needs to get a job, I wish I could see 12k for child support a month. And everyone is right Beyoncé don’t have any obligation to that child or his mother, but she could at lease meet her brother, that little boy didn’t ask to be here, so why do he have to be shout out?? I would want to meet all of my siblings, I’m just saying should meet him, she don’t have to give financially but let him know he did nothing wrong, it’s not his fault he was born into this mess.

  18. general says:

    …..what can I say………u said it all…..great post!!!!!!…

  19. Menu says:

    Matthew Knowles should help his child.