Michael Muhney’s Young and the Restless Firing Orchestrated by Soap Vet Eric Braeden?

Michael Muhney's Young and the Restless Firing Orchestrated by Soap Vet Eric Braeden?

The firing of The Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney has been dominating headlines lately. Fans are threatening to boycott the show once his character leaves town and there’s a rumor that he got fired because he grabbed Hunter King’s breasts — twice. But that’s not all. It’s now being reported that a Y&R vet has wanted Michael gone for years.

Eric Braeden has played the ruthless Victor Newman for over 30 years. He also happens to play Michael Muhney’s father on the show. The father/son duo basically hate each other and life may be imitating art. A source close to Y&R production says the two actors have been at each other’s throats for years and it’s hard for them to even film a scene together.

The problem stems from acting techniques. Michael is a serious actor and is always prepared. However, soap vet Eric refuses to remember lines and ad-libs most of his scenes. Michael hated this and sometimes the actors would have to be separated before the altercations became physical.

“Production assistants are constantly placing Eric’s lines on props that he can read during filming. There is no other actor on the show that does this….he gets away with it because of who he is. Michael thought it was insulting not to just the scenes they filmed together, but to the entire show. Michael’s work ethic is top notch, and yes, he is a perfectionist, it’s what made him such a tremendous actor, and fans recognized that,” the insider told RadarOnline.

This isn’t the first time Eric has had problems with a co-star. Things got physical with Peter Bergman (Jack Abbot) in 1991. Victor and Jack have been on-screen rivals for decades. “Fans ask me most often: Do Eric and I get along in real life? My answer is….next question,” Peter Bergman recently told Entertainment Tonight.

He may not have been able to push Peter out, but with Hunter King’s allegation’s, Eric saw it as the perfect opportunity to finally get rid Michael Muhney. He has reportedly supported the 20-year-old every step of the way.

“If you are one of Eric’s allies, consider yourself lucky, if you get on his bad side, good luck. During this entire ordeal from when Hunter made the complaint, until it was made public, Eric has offered his counsel and guidance to Hunter, which she is very thankful for.”

I’ve been watching Y&R for five years and I wish there was this much drama on the actual show! Michael Muhney plays Adam Newman brilliantly. It is evident that he takes the role seriously, maybe a little too seriously. However, I do have to admit, I’m not sure the groping rumor is true. It is clearly wrong to assault someone in any way. Neither Hunter nor Michael has spoken on the rumor but, if he did, he should have been fired immediately. Soap operas get replacements all the time. Fans are already preparing for a new Billy Abbott debuting in a few weeks.

Do you believe Michael Muhney fondled Hunter King or did “Victor Newman” actually orchestrate the whole thing? Tell us what you think and leave a comment.

19 responses to “Michael Muhney’s Young and the Restless Firing Orchestrated by Soap Vet Eric Braeden?”

  1. Sharae Myers says:

    I think it is a ego orchestra of events. I think this girl inflated a situation and taken advantage by EB. I could careless if EB/Victor was gone from show. It’s a shame EB ego has been catered to this long. It’s office politics gone bad. The shows producer is under estimating fans.

  2. Nikki says:

    I stopped watching… Disgusted that he Michael was let go in a he said she said situation.

  3. Kimberly McBride says:

    It is a horrible situation all the way around, but the most blame, I think is for Angelica Mcdaniel and Jill Farren Phelps for letting the situation get to this point. I have been watching for my entire life, and EB is an overrated actor who thinks way too highly of himself. At first I was so upset over MM leaving because he is an amazing actor, but since then I’ve seen people call this young woman every name in the book and it sickens me. Whether it happened or not, it should have been handled quickly and confidentially.

    • .... says:

      Eric’s acting isn’t even believable. He is always over acting. There is no truth or sincerity in his words when he speaks his lines. He always comes across as he is completely unprepared everytime I watch him on T.V. Eric’s acting is bad, that it’s annoying. I leave the room or switched channels when he is on. Karma is a Bitch Eric and before you know it, it’s going to take a bite out of your ass!

  4. Dee says:

    I don’t believe EB orchestrated the allegations. I do believe HK was manipulated by many of the CBS brass at Y&R. I don’t believe MM did what the allegations assume. The story itself was leaked to TMZ by AMcD who’s husband happens to be the head of TMZ BMcD. Coincidence? I think not. It’s disgusting what people will do to get rid of one of the best actors on Daytime. I’m done after January 30th if this isn’t rectified. Both MM & HK should sue the pants off of these tools.

  5. patte008 says:

    I love Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. Of course Victor I believe would have some in put he is a legend and if the situation came to who should go it was Michael Muhney I don’t think the executives expected the over whelming backlash of getting rid of Michael Muhney. Victors reign is over and maybe he should semi-retire and just show up every now and then.

  6. Tia says:

    I’ve watched Y&R for over 25 yrs. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Adam other than Michael Muhney. Not sure if I’ll be watching any longer.The show will never be the same.

  7. Dinae Sutter says:

    Guilty Guilty Guilty. Michael Muhney was nasty to his fans at times tweeting them priv. messages saying he can’t be bothered with there thoughts on who fans loved to see his alter ego with. He is a pig and glad he got fired. The guy is full of himself!

  8. Dinae Sutter says:

    I don’t care at this point. Adam his alter ego. was best with Sharon but the character Adam has been boring with Chelsea. I feel for Hunter King for what Michael Muhney did and how he was hard to work with

  9. TClark says:

    I don’t usually respond to articles but I just had to on this situation. This is a serious accusation & if it is not true no one will believe him & it could also cause his career to end. For Hunter if this accusation is not true I sure hope she can live with herself :(

  10. Tom Kidd says:

    Back in the day, I do know Eric Braeden & Peter Bergman came to blows; Sony was about to show them both the door. I heard Eric blinked & backed down. Interesting this, considering the budget tightening around Y&R and Mr. Braeden was having tough contract negotiations this time around with Sony. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. ladydi says:

    I think/know that the one who should be fired is EB!!! I won’t be watching after 1/30/2014…

  12. xy&rfan says:

    I think the entire situation is beyond nauseating! For any employee to be treated so poorly by bosses, coworkers etc, let alone someone of the MM’s caliber is something I just can’t comprehend. Unfortunately, I have been exposed to all types of situations and some habitualo liars are more convincing than truth tellers! There’s no rhyme nor reason as to why people say things that can destroy other peoples lives or why people are willing to believe things without a shred of proof. I’m behind you MM. Your last on screen day 1/30/14 will be my last viewing day. So sorry you have had to go through this, but if you can take comfort in anything, take comfort in knowing you have so many people backing you!

  13. .... says:

    Karma is extremely twisted. It my not hit you directly sometimes it will hit something or someone you care very deeply for. Does sins of the father ring any bells……

  14. guest says:

    Eric Braden can not act, all he does is mumble and repeat the same phrases over and over “you got that” “because I said so” ect, while looking down at the floor to read his cue cards. MM is an exceptional actor who makes those watching him feel every emotion he is portraying. In scenes with Chelsea and the baby you not only felt his tenderness but he was able to portray it with his facial expressions and you saw the love in his eyes. And when being cold and calculated you felt and saw that emotion portrayed by him so well, he was the best actor on y/r and it is my opinion that Braden was jealous of his acting ability, so he helped stir the controversy and get MM fired. Nikki (Melody) is not much better as an actress for a long time she did all her lines with her eyes mostly closed not looking at the person to which she was speaking. The shows story lines have sucked for a very long time with Sharon/Nick, the Winters, Paul and Cricket, and now a new son for Nikki. Personally I think Steve Burton’s charcter is flat and dull. He has no expressions at all, just blah. I will greatly miss watching MM but the rest of it I will not miss and I have been watching for 20 years. Thanks for allowing me to rant. I am a big MM fan also BM, withou them and Phillis there is nothing more of interest.

  15. Kelly Simmons says:

    this is your fault you should of not been a pervert

  16. Karen says:

    If there are no written charges against Michael, then forget the whole thing. if Eric is behind this, he will have to live with his Karma. .
    In addition, Steve Burton can put you to sleep on Y&R. Just no motvation or enthusiasm.
    Love Micheal and want him on GH immediately.

  17. goggins says:

    The ass Victor had it planned like he does in the show jerk