Mila Kunis Terrified Ashton Kutcher’s Late-Night Partying Will Destroy Their Relationship!

Mila Kunis Terrified Ashton Kutcher's Late-Night Partying Will Destroy Their Relationship!

Mila Kunis might be rethinking her future marriage to longtime companion Ashton Kutcher, as a report has surfaced claiming the funny man has been up to no good! A new report in OK! magazine claims that Ashton has fallen back into “his old habits” and is “staying out late drinking with his buddies, leaving his girlfriend, Mila Kunis, behind.” The magazine says that Mila is only Ashton’s “girlfriend” when, in reality, she’s actually his fiancee.

A friend close to Mila supposedly told the magazine that Ashton better knock it off before they continue on down the road; his Ashton antics are getting old . . . and Mila might not be able to put up with them for long. “Mila is starting to get suspicious and is worried,” the source said. “He probably should cut it out before she has a major meltdown.”

While many people might be quick to believe this story (Ashton has been linked to rumors of cheating and hardcore partying in the past), the couple seems very happy together. If his hard partying ways are in fact pulling this relationship apart at the seams, well, they’re certainly hiding it well! Just look at that happy couple above!

What do you think of these recently surfaced rumors describing the potential downfall of Mashton?

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