Miley Cyrus Steals Sister Brandi’s Boyfriend, Rocker Sam Hancock (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus Steals Sister Brandi's Boyfriend, Rocker Sam Hancock (PHOTO)

According to the latest cover issue of Life & Style Magazine, Miley Cyrus apparently tried to make a move on her half-sister Brandi Cyrus‘ boyfriend, Christian rocker Sam Hancock. Kind of screwed up, no?

A family friend reportedly tells Life & Style, “She was trying to hook up with him and date him. She was basically trying to steal her sister’s boyfriend, or at least cheat with him. I’ve seen Miley hit on other boyfriends of Brandi’s. To be honest, I’ve seen her hit on her friends’ boyfriends as well. To be her friend or her sister, you just have to put up with her acting inappropriately like that. That is how she is.”

The source continues on to say that they have ‘seen’ Miley flirting with Sam, adding that Brandi would often complain about Miley’s flirtation. Apparently, Miley does this all the time, for the ‘attention‘ and the feeling of winning.

If a source close to Brandi really did speak to Life & Style, it wouldn’t shock me. Right now, Miley’s got a very, very small list of people she can trust, considering how many people are willing to sell her out to the tabloids. Also, I can totally believe that Miley does act ‘inappropriately’ with friends’ boyfriends, considering her history. She has been seen flirting with Justin Bieber, grinding on Robin Thicke, and trying to get with men that have had significant others. Yes, doing it to her half-sister’s boyfriend would make it a lot worse, but don’t forget, flirting and hooking up are two-way streets. If Miley was flirting with Sam, it’s because she got similar signals from him, and that’s equally messed up.

Either way, I would wager a guess that all is not well between the Cyrus siblings, at least between Miley and Brandi.

  • Ashley

    Um, Sam and Brandi broke up a long time ago, Sam is now married with a baby on the way.