Mob Wives: New Blood Alicia DiMichele Gets Cartier Love Bracelet from MARRIED Boyfriend Rob LaScala (PHOTOS)

Mob Wives: New Blood Alicia DiMichele Gets Cartier Love Bracelet from MARRIED Boyfriend Rob LaScala (PHOTOS)

Last week on Mob Wives: New Blood viewers watched newcomer Alicia DiMichele break down in tears to her friend. She went on to say that all she wanted was a nice house and a happy and healthy family. She played the innocent victim card to the fullest and even said “why is this happening to me?” Hopefully you didn’t fall for her fake tears, we didn’t!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alicia’s sob story on Mob Wives: New Blood, she is currently awaiting sentencing for “cooking the books” and embezzling money from a trucking business that she and her husband Eddie Garafalo owned. After she was arrested and Eddie went to jail, Alicia found out that her husband had been unfaithful to her and cheated on her while they were married, and then someone in her circle leaked stories about her to the press. Poor Alicia!

The thing is, sources close to the Mob Wives star have confirmed to us that Alicia’s “woe is me” act is just that… an act. Alicia DiMichele is far from the innocent victim she portrays herself as on Mob Wives: New Blood.

A large portion of Alicia’s sob story on Mob Wives: New Blood revolves around how devastated she is that her hubby Eddie Garafalo cheated on her. What they never bother to show us on the reality show is that Alicia has a boyfriend! She’s not sitting at home eating Ben & Jerry’s and crying herself to sleep, she is out frolicking around with her boyfriend Rob LaScala. And, ready for the shocker? Rob LaScala is MARRIED. What kind of a woman hooks up with a married man, and then cries on television that her husband cheated on her? Why would she put another woman through the pain that she is supposedly feeling?

Rob LaScala – married boyfriend of Alicia on the far right

Mob Wives: New Blood Alicia DiMichele Gets Cartier Love Bracelet from MARRIED Boyfriend Rob LaScala (PHOTOS)

Alicia and Rob LaScala didn’t just hook up once or twice, the married restaurant owner is allegedly paying all of Alicia’s bills for her since her bank accounts were frozen. Our exclusive Mob Wives source has revealed that LaScala even gave Alicia an expensive bracelet as a token of their love, which she wears to cover up the tattoo of her husbands’ name! Here’s what our source had to say about Alicia’s new bling, “the last 4 weeks she’s wearing a new Cartier LOVE bracelet. It can be seen on her wrist on last weeks episode, right over her EDDIE tattoo. The Cartier Love bracelet has always been seen as a commitment oriented gift. Your lover is supposed to put it on your wrist which is attached with a screw and comes with a golden screw driver which your lover is supposed to hold. It locks in place forever.

Do you think Alicia is just playing the innocent victim on Mob Wives: New Blood to help her court case, and sway the judge to give her a light sentence? And, how shocked are you that she is flaunting jewelry that another woman’s husband gave to her?! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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11 responses to “Mob Wives: New Blood Alicia DiMichele Gets Cartier Love Bracelet from MARRIED Boyfriend Rob LaScala (PHOTOS)”

  1. Bianca says:

    Its her business what she does and who she does. Maybe the married man and his wife have been separated. Get the story straight before u make accusations.

  2. tonya williams says:

    I love this show don’t know about the new chicks but renee, drita and big ang are my girls, and let’s be honest we all love drama!!

  3. Denise From Maui,Hawaii says:

    I Can’t believe they let her on the show.!!!! Please bring back true friends like Karen and Ramona. Both Ang amd Drita r back stabbers!!! Where is the loyalty!!!

    • danbury ct says:

      I agree Drita and Ang are playing both ends I don’t believe they are tru friends

    • Me says:

      Really?! What r u watching? Be cuz Ang & Drita made sure Renee was good with the “new girls” that Renee brought around as her friends! Ang & Drita just didn’t want to be in the middle of the old gang and Renee’s “new friends”. They always put Renee first, a true friend will always tell u the truth, ESPECIALLY if it hurts. Wisdom comes with experience. U will live and learn, believe me!

    • tommy c. says:

      Who cares…alicia is so damm hot,.i love me some of that

  4. muffdvr says:

    Wow bad news for him once hubby finds out she’s gotta be stupid.

  5. srm says:

    Shes scum. She new what was going on in there business. Her kids should be proud. Dont like the new girls

  6. srm says:

    She just needs a man to always pay her way. A real women RENEE can do it themselves. She has no morals dating a married man. No more tears from Alicia. What comes around goes around. She tries to act perfect as shes selling her body to someone so he can pay her bills I call that a prostitute.

  7. Lily says:

    I think that people shouldn’t really believe what the tabloids say! but then again the “resources” should show the proof they have on this girl! noone knows the reasons that scum bag of a husband she has! If he was engaged before its not all her fault that he left his other gf! He knew perfectly well what he was doing! noone put a dam gun to his head and said ” hey leave your fiance and marry this chick that got pregnant by you” when someone really cares about their relationship they wouldn’t be out there all D**K crazy looking for other H*E’s !