NCIS: New Orleans Recap 10/14/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “The Recruits”

NCIS: New Orleans Recap 10/14/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “The Recruits”

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans continues with an all new Tuesday October 14, season 1 episode 4 called, “The Recruits.” On tonight’s episode a Navy SEAL is found murdered in a sorority house. The NCIS team investigate to determine if the motive pertained to one of his classified missions or whether the death was the result of collegiate foul play. Meanwhile, Pride’s daughter visits the NCIS office.

On the last episode the NCIS team investigates the crash of an armored transport bus carrying Naval brig detainees after four prisoners escape, including a black market broker who is one of the country’s biggest national security threats. Meanwhile, Pride turns to Gibbs for assistance when a case file needed for the investigation is full of redactions. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode after a Navy SEAL was found murdered in a sorority house, the NCIS team must determine if the motive pertained to one of his classified missions or collegiate foul play. Meanwhile, Pride’s daughter, Laurel, payed the NCIS office a visit.

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It’s a campus party in New Orleans. Two frat guys think a girl is dead but she gasps back to consciousness and goes looking for another drink. She staggers through the room, grabs a bottle, swigs and then steps in blood. She bangs on the door and calls out for her friend Natalie, but the door is locked We see her friend sitting crying and shaking with blood on her. A dead guy is on Natalie’s bed. Chris hassles Laurel, Dwayne’s kid, about football when Brody comes in. They ask what college team she roots for and it turns out she doesn’t subjecting her to further mockery.

Dwayne comes in, hugs her dad, and then tells Chris and Brody about the murder on campus. They head over and find Petty Officer TJ Blake dead. Campus officer Mike is there and says he found the door locked. He had been dealing with a feral cat crisis when he got the call. Loretta says it was a small caliber hand gun that killed Blake. Loretta says stippling on the wound indicates it was up close and personal. Natalie tells them she met TJ at the party and they were drinking then went up to her room. She says she passed out and woke up to him dead. She says she saw nothing.

Brody checks her for gun shot residue. Dwayne asks her friend Tilda if she saw anything but she says she was really out of it. Dwayne tells them to stay put in case they have questions. Tilda says it’s gross that he was bleeding out on her Zini – a designer rug. Natalie is negative for GSR but Brody says she’s still a suspect. But Chris comes up with a bobby pin and says the ancient buildings means the locks are easy to pick and he demonstrates with the pin. Dwayne says that anyone at the party – about 200 people – could be the suspect.

Brody says she snuck in the side doors to college parties. Dwayne spots dirt on the floor and finds a secret door. Dwayne tells Chris to dust it for prints and takes Brody with him to search the tunnel. She’s surprised that there are secret tunnels. He says they were used for trysts back in the day. They find a likely egress – a ladder that puts you out in the middle of NO. Brody says that means they now have a million more suspects. Neither is happy about this new development.

Chris and Brody head to the lab to talk to Sebastian and Loretta. Sebastian stitches up Loretta’s finger – she cut it on the bullet. It was a special kind of bullet – called a black talon – it has spikes that open up on impact making the injury worse. She says ER docs have been trying to get them banned for years. Sebastian rants about conspiracy theories then they move on to the body. They think the killer had an improvised silencer and showed signs of struggle about five hours before his death. He died at about nine and showed up to the party about 730.

Dwayne comes in with beignets and asks what they know. Chris is running prints from the door through AFIS. She teases him and he tells her he was magna cum laude and didn’t even have to go to class. Brody says Blake was a Navy SEAL whose missions were classified so his background is as well. Natalie is from Seattle and is the only one anyone saw him with. Chris wonders if Natalie shot him when he tried to take advantage. Brody says her contact at SOCOM said Blake’s team had an issue in Somalia. Dwayne says another SEAL would be well equipped to sneak in undetected and kill Blake with a black talon bullet.

Dwayne says he’s going to talk to the SEAL commander and Chris reminds him they don’t like NCIS too much. He talks to his training leader and the man says Blake’s death is a blow to the team. He says Blake had no other family – his parents died on 9/11. He also says there was no reason for Blake to be at the party – says he was good at setting an example. Dwayne asks him to be read into the Somalia issues but the guy says no SEAL did this. He tells him to talk to Max Wolf. Dwayne says the guy is a mercenary that worked with them that Blake reported for stealing jewelry from a terrorist causing him to lose his job.

Laurel comes in and tastes her dad cooking and he complains that she has no taste buds inherited from her. She tells him she has to move her piano out of the dorm and he says it’s been in the family for years. She says she needs to send it back to him and asks to send it to his office. He says this is where he works and she tells him she knows it’s where he lives for now as well.

Brody and Chris come into a bar looking for Wolf. Chris says it’s a mercenary hang out and he got a tip that Wolf is selling para-military gear on the side. The bartender calls out to Chris – calls him Chrissy – and gives him a big hug. They went to school at Bama – she was a cheerleader and he was the team mascot – Big Al, an elephant. Brody says she’s shocked at his GPA and the mascot thing.

Chris shows Heather photos of Blake and Wolf and she confirms they were there lats night and argued. Chris approaches Wolf who takes off while his buddies beat up on Chris. Brody gives Chase and she and Wolf grapple but she finally takes him down. Wolf asks if she’s some kind of superhero and Chris comes out and says he should see her when she’s angry.

Wolf insists the Cuban Kush they caught him with was medicinal but Brody asks why he ran. He flirts with her and offers her a job at Shade Corp – she says she’s more into legitimate operations. She tosses down a photo of Blake dead and he tells her to go to hell and he didn’t kill him. He says they fought because he’s a hypocrite that’s dating a prostitute. He says he and Blake fought because he called his GF a whore – that’s Natalie. Wolf says there are two words to describe her: hook er. Brody holds up Natalie’s photo to the glass for Dwayne to see and says – she lied.

They discuss if Wolf told the truth and Natalie is, in fact, a college student, even if she’s a prostitute, that’s not motive but Chris comes in and says Wolf had an alibi. Chris pulled Natalie’s juvie record and saw she was charged with attempted murder of her abusive stepfather. They try to find Natalie but she skipped classes – Chris goes to call a contact that knows pros. Dwayne and Brody head to campus and discuss that the evidence against Natalie is all circumstantial but still compelling.

Dwayne says once your kids go off to college, you lose control and it’s scary to think one could go as dark as turning tricks and murdering people. Chris comes into a bar and finds Ross P. He says he heard he was selling illegal firearms to kids and they struggle and he hauls him into the back where they get chummy – the guy is his CI. He asks Ross if he’s seen Natalie and he says white girls all look alike to him. Chris threatens him and then he admits he’s seen her. Chris says she may have killed a SEAL. Ross calls her a bad little white girl and promises to ask around.

Tilda tells Dwayne that Natalie stayed with her last night but was gone this morning. She thinks Natalie went to class and tells him after class, she works tutoring. She says it’s a good way to make money because college is expensive. He asks Tilda if she’s okay and she says she’s just worried about Natalie. She tells Dwayne she need to go to class. He shoots some photos of some stuff in her room on the sly, then goes. Brody talks to Officer Mike who tries to flirt and ask her out. He shows Brody the photos and she IDs them all as costly goods. Dwayne says Natalie may not have been the only pro.

Patton explains to Dwayne that the website the girls are using looks educational but then once you dig in, it turns out TutorZone is definitely a hooker portal. Laurel and Brody come in and Laurel asks who he is and Chris says he’s a hacker no matter what his official title is. Laurel says that’s dope and her dad looks at her. She says that’s a good thing and he says he knows what it means. Laurel says sex is big business in college and says she knows people that do phone sex, web cams and then Dwayne sends her out of the room.

Brody says Tilda, Natalie’s friend, is an econ major who was busted last year in New York. Laurel says she came to talk to him about the piano. She insists she wants to bring it there and he says a piano there doesn’t belong in an NCIS office and he says it’s just one more thing he’ll have to move back home but then Brody comes in. She says Patton made an appointment to “study” with Natalie tonight at the Roosevelt hotel. Brody and Dwayne sit outside in the car and she asks about the piano. He says it was his grandmother’s and is an upright Hamilton.

Brody tells him it can be hard to be stuck in between and says she went through this with her own parents. Chris complains that it’s taking so long and Brody asks if he has a date with Heather. She tells Dwayne he was Big Ed, the walrus but Chris says it was Big Al, the elephant. Natalie gets out of her taxi at the hotel and they get out to approach her but then a car speeds toward her and Dwayne calls to her and knocks her out of the way just before she’s mowed down. She’s terrified and tells him – they’re going to kill me.

Brody says they have a BOLO out on the SUV but says that with no plate, a hit isn’t likely. Dwayne’s talking with Natalie while the other two head over to see what Sebastian has for them. Natalie tells Dwayne her dad died in the service and her mom married a psychotic alcoholic. She then talks about Blake, she calls him TJ, and says he wasn’t a john. She says she was studying in a park when he walked by in uniform and he reminder her of her dad because he was just a good guy. He asks why she didn’t tell them that before and she says no one knew.

She says girls at her job are warned not to get serious with guys. She says he wanted her to quit. She says she bailed on a call girl appointment and got a threatening text after she did telling her not to pull that again. Dwayne asks if she was supposed to be working the night Blake was killed. She says she didn’t want to let them control her, but then says – they do. She says they murdered him because he was trying to help her change her life. Patton asks Dwayne if she’s sure she doesn’t know who runs the pro ring and he says he believes her.

Patton says all the threatening texts are burners. He also says he put a trace on the other girl’s phones to try and track down the ring leader. Sebastian tells Brody and Chris about ballistics evidence history. He shows them the bullet that killed Blake. He shows them similar striations from an unsolved murder back in 2006. It was a promoter at Club Madison. Chris remembers the case and says it involved the Russian mob and says they are heavily involved in the sex trades, especially at port cities like NO. He goes to see Ross who points out Vlad who is mob connected and psycho crazy.

Chris approaches Vlad at the bar and shows him the pics of Natalie and Blake. Vlad says he’s legit. He goes to pull a gun on Chris and finds Chris’ weapon already in his hand. Ross sneaks up behind Vlad and puts a gun to his head. Chris snatches Vlad’s gun and hauls him in. Chris tells Dwayne that a rich businessman had a hook up with Natalie and fell in love. When he wanted to see her again, she canceled because of Blake. They wonder if that’s why the mob killed Blake – to make sure to keep a good customer happy.

Sebastian and Loretta video call to say they figured out the improvised silencer. He shows them these 20 ounce drink bottles that you stuff with fabric. They even ID’d the specific soda – Orange Haze. Brody says Campus officer Mike also drinks that soda. He sees them coming on the security cameras and takes a hostage then tries to flee. Brody calls out to him to stop. He heads back down to the secret tunnel in the dormitory and tries to get away. He fires a couple of shots back at Chris to slow him up. He gets to the ladder, climbs up and Dwayne is there, waiting, with his gun trained on him. He tells Mike to give him an excuse.

He sits in interrogation and Brody tells him she doesn’t know he drinks Orange Haze. She also tells him he should have rinsed the bottle before he made his silencer. He denies to Dwayne that he knew Blake or the club promoter. Dwayne says they know he works for the Russian mob and have him on two murders and another attempt. Brody says he faces the death penalty if he doesn’t deal. He tells them he didn’t try to run the girl over – he says he never misses. He asks for a lawyer. Natalie comes to Tilda and tells her they have to go.

She says Mike was arrested and that they’re going to figure out who runs the ring and they’re going to kill her. Tilda gets rough with her and Natalie realizes Tilda is the one that runs the ring. Tilda says she better not have told anyone about the ring. Natalie says she didn’t but then says – you did – and shows her the wire she’s wearing. They bust in and arrest Tilda and haul her out. Dwayne shows up to Blake’s funeral and shakes his boss’ hand. Natalie is there too and says TJ saw the best in her.

Brody and Chris show her a scholarship they found for her since her dad died in the line of duty that will let her stay in school without hooking. She thanks them for giving her a second chance. Lauren finds her dad playing the piano outside the office. He says they’re making room for it inside. Dwayne tells her he doesn’t want her caught in the middle. She sits and they play a song together.