NeNe Leakes To Quit Real Housewives Of Atlanta If Kenya Moore Not Fired – Report

NeNe Leakes To Quit Real Housewives Of Atlanta If Kenya Moore Not Fired - Report

According to a new report from Media Take Out, NeNe Leakes is threatening to quit Real Housewives of Atlanta next season if Kenya Moore isn’t fired. NeNe’s feud with Kenya has been all over the news recently, and things have become more fraught with complications as this past season has continued. According to the report, “NeNe has given Bravo word that she DOES NOT want to return for next season… unless Kenya Moore is fired. NeNe has basically given Bravo an ultimatum — fire Kenya, or she QUITS. And NeNe is serious about it too.”

Considering that NeNe is the biggest name on Real Housewives, I can see Bravo panicking over this situation. However, keep in mind that this report originates from Media Take Out, which is notorious for just making up things on the spot. But, even that being said, it’s not unreasonable to assume that NeNe could have given the network such an ultimatum.

Really, if it comes down to NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore, the network brass will go with NeNe. She’s the bigger drama queen, and she’s the one who generates most of their ratings and publicity. Sure, it’s not exactly good publicity, but there’s no such things as ‘bad’ publicity when it comes to reality shows — especially the Real Housewives franchise. But, then again, keeping Kenya around is probably significantly cheaper than keeping NeNe around, so the network will also have to consider that. All things equal, it’s probably more beneficial for them to keep NeNe around, at least in the short run.

What do you guys think? Will NeNe really leave the show if Kenya doesn’t get fired? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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7 responses to “NeNe Leakes To Quit Real Housewives Of Atlanta If Kenya Moore Not Fired – Report”

  1. Victoria McGuire says:


    • sandra says:

      Maybe it’s time for NeNe to move on.. people like drama and when Kenya and Nene is together they bring it!!!!

  2. Mintedroyalty says:

    I would think after NeNe’s gay slurs and her ability to pawn off the responsibility onto others for what has become The Real Prize Fighters of Atlanta, Bravo should say good bye, its time, NeNe is rich, and obviously to large for such a small vehicle at #RHOA

  3. Bravotv123 says:

    Bye biatch! Dont let the door hit you where the good lord split ya!

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  5. Jacky says:

    Good let nene go b/c she is the BIGGEST shit starter on there she keeps the other ladies fussing amongst themselves ..if it’s not nene way it’s the highway…nene is such a hater she dnt want anyone to out do her she’s a jealous BITCH…nene head has gotten so BIG she really thinks the other ladies are beneath her..nene straight up & act right B4 she won’t have this job either..Marlo told her right Nene knows who she can BULLY & Marlo ain’t the one

  6. grape roberts says:

    I love Nene, she is the show. Please fired Kenya already, this woman has no storyline. Being in everybody business talking behind their back and the lack of respect for marriage. This lady belongs in a mental hospital, she’s not right in the head.