Nicole Kidman Divorce: Keith Urban Can’t Fake Happy Marriage After Counseling Fails (PHOTOS)

Nicole Kidman Divorce: Keith Urban Can't Fake Happy Marriage After Counseling Fails (PHOTOS)

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban divorce rumors don’t stop. The couple have done everything in their power to salvage their marriage, including attending counseling and spicing up their sex life. Unfortunately, there’s only so much they can do when the spark has left their marriage.

Sources close to the couple claim that they are seriously considering divorce this time around, even they had dismissed it as an option in the past. They have two kids, so obviously they have a family to consider. But after trying [and failing] to make their marriage work after all these years, they really don’t have that many other options. Plus, Nicole is reportedly looking to move on and rejuvenate her love life and her career, and she won’t be able to do that if she’s still with Keith Urban.

Sources close to Nicole say that she’s aiming to land an A-list movie star as her next hubby, even though she really should just stop the plastic surgery. In fact, I would say that all that excess plastic surgery is probably responsible for 80% of her career damage, and the other 20% is poor planning, networking, and choices.

But there’s many a star who’s managed to reinvent their career after a major divorce or separation, and Nicole wants to join that group. Just like Katie Holmes before her [incidentally, they were both married to Tom Cruise], Nicole is planning to use the leverage from the divorce to increase her profile. Obviously, Nicole’s journey will be a lot easier because she’s still a respected A-list actress, just one who can’t move her face or emote as much as she used to.

There’s also the fact that Nicole and Keith just don’t want to keep pretending that they’re happy when they’re not. They have their kids to think about, and what’s better – fighting non-stop or living happier lives separately? Faking a PR marriage is a lot harder than it looks, and they’re both busy enough that it’s starting to take a toll on them.

Nicole Kidman filming her new movie – ‘The Family Fang’

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • Lily

    Wow the CDL staff are really a bunch of nasty people. They make up the most disgusting lies about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban while posting pictures of them with their daughters. Why would anyone want to hurt this sweet, happy family? Keith and Nicole are lovely, down to earth people who live a quiet life away from Hollywood and the media, they don’t deserve to be treated that way.

    Here’s what Keith said about the idiotic divorce rumors :
    It seems to be your and Nicole’s turn to be in the tabloid divorce rumor mill. How do you deal with that?
    “The people who really know us are most aghast by the whole thing and going, “How do you not want to defend that?” I’m like,”It’s pointless.” Our life will be our way of defending it.”
    “God knows the naysayers of the world have a very big platform now to make a lot of noise. I could care less. If you don’t support love, then I think there’s a problem.”

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  • Oliver

    I didn’t even finish reading the article and I’m so tired that people want the perfect person to live with forever. Divorce is always the first or second option. No one has ever said that marriage is easy. Babies involved or not. Me (woman using my maiden nameLOL) and my hubby are going on 28 years…… do you want to know the secret? Accept your mate as they are. Yes stupid annoying stuff is going to happen and I usually give him the finger once he leaves the room LOL. Why do these couples give up so easily? Irreconcilable difference is the new excuse for the dog ate my homework!

  • Daddy-o

    Funny….he just gave an interview today saying he is incredibly happy and planning something special for Nicole.

  • Shelly

    This article is so badly written it sounds like a joke . The writer is obsessed