The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Spoiler: Is Reality Steve Wrong About Who Wins Final Rose?

The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Spoiler: Is Reality Steve Wrong About Who Wins Final Rose?

If you are a fan of The Bachelor, then you are most likely familiar with Reality Steve. The infamous blogger has spoiled The Bachelor series for years, releasing the names of the winners of the seasons, long before the season finale airs. Reality Steve built quite a reputation for himself over the last few years, and then it all came to a halt last year when he was wrong. Bachelor Nation was shocked and confused, after all of these years of predicting the correct winners, why was Reality Steve wrong?

This year Reality Steve pegged Nikki Ferrell as the winner of Season 18 of The Bachelor. At first it made complete sense, Nikki Ferrell was introduced as a young, sweet, pediatric nurse. No wonder Juan Pablo was fond of her. However, in the last few episodes of Season 18 of The Bachelor, Nikki Ferrell has shown her true colors, and she is far from sweet and innocent. In Seoul, South Korea, Nikki emerged as “the villain of this season of The Bachelor. She claims all of her fellow bachelorettes are “annoying,” has tried to turn Juan Pablo against the other girls, and made it her personal mission to sabotage the other women competing against her for Juan Pablo’s attention. Nikki Ferrell’s negative and sarcastic comments have isolated her from the rest of The Bachelor contestants.

Reality Steve’s predictions this season have been dead on so far, but it is really hard to believe that of all the women competing on Season 18, Juan Pablo chooses Nikki Ferrell. Why would he want to take such a Negative Nancy home to his daughter Camila?

Are you beginning to question whether Reality Steve is correct about Nikki Ferrell winning Season 18 of The Bachelor? Or, do you think the producers of the show have been portraying Nikki as the “villain” to throw viewers off so that we will be shocked Juan Pablo gives her the Final Rose?

4 responses to “The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Spoiler: Is Reality Steve Wrong About Who Wins Final Rose?”

  1. suzi says:

    they dont show the whole conversations, so it makes nikki seem like the one causing problems. we only see and hear what they want us too.

  2. April says:

    How is Nikki “showing her true colors” or being “negative”? The girl is honest and real. I hate the way people demonize people that do nothing wrong but don’t play the games people play. Clair is the jealous, conniving, gossipy one and Kelly is super sarcastic and talks about the other girls behind their backs but her comments are always just hilarious but no one calls her negative. I like Nikki and think she is transparent and honest and in a very vulnerable situation and the other girls are threatened by her beauty and her take no shit attitude. I love her!

  3. Mia003 says:

    We haven’t seen the whole show yet. Just wait she might turn out to be big trouble maker and drama starter

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