Nikki Ferrell Wins The Bachelor Season 18 2014 Juan Pablo

Nikki Ferrell Wins The Bachelor Season 18 2014 Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo may very easily go down in history as the worst Bachelor yet on the popular ABC reality TV show. Since he took on the role of The Bachelor, he has been followed by a cloud of scandal ranging from anti-gay slurs to numerous girlfriends and relationships. It’s really hard to believe that Chris Harrison and ABC managed to find 27 women to compete for Juan Pablo’s love, and even harder to believe that his final two bachelorettes Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell, didn’t walk out on Juan Pablo before the Season 18 Finale.

Monday on ABC Juan Pablo will finally hand out his Final Rose, and Season 18 of The Bachelor will be a wrap. Despite the fact that season finale of The Bachelor hadn’t aired yet, America has known for weeks that Juan Pablo chooses Nikki Ferrell, a young pediatric nurse (courtesy of Reality Steve and other Bachelor leaks). If Juan Pablo chooses Clare Crawley, it will be a shocking Bachelor twist, but the odds of that happening are slim to none.

This year there will be no proposal after the Final Rose Ceremony, it appears that Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell basically broke up as soon as the Bachelor cameras stopped rolling. Juan Pablo was photographed with at least three different women before Episode 5 of The Bachelor had even aired on television.

A lot of Bachelor fans are less than happy with Season 18 of The Bachelor, the entire season is beginning to look like a complete sham. Not only was there no proposal and no relationship afterwards, Juan Pablo has embarrassed the entire Bachelor family with his disrespectful behavior and comments. Nikki Ferrell may be the least lucky Bachelor winner…ever.

Are you glad Season 18 of The Bachelor is finally coming to a close? Do you think American may be wrong and there is still a chance Clare Crawley could get the Final Rose? Let us know in the comment section below.

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